The MerMan Shrinky Dink and Destro!

Random story time: Around 2001/2002, I was cleaning out my basement and vacuuming the couch. I start digging and cleaning when all of a sudden I find this old MerMan Shrinky Dink. I don’t know how long he was in there, had to be at least 15 years by that point. And for some odd reason I still have it now! It’s a weird item to keep around, especially since I have absolutely zero memory of ever playing around with Shrinky Dinks as a kid but nonetheless, still pretty cool!

Funny enough, this was also around the same time my mom went out into her garden and found my childhood Iron Grenadier Destro figure that I had lost ages before. As weird as it sounds, I remember that day well. It was a Saturday, I was sitting in the couch watching MST3K, and my mom comes back in the house holding Destro. “Is this yours?”. My eyes lit up. It’s the figure my dad bought me at Rite Aid in Crofton, MD (since closed down) back in the late 80s. I thought I had lost it forever, but there it was. I was 6 all over again.

I also still have it! I’ve since cleaned him, replaced his cape and given him a new arm. You can’t fight Joes or argue with Cobra Commander with missing thumbs! I mean, you probably could, CC was pretty awful at arguments.

Oh what the heck, why not. It’s my blog and this isn’t the first time I’ve posted nonsense: here’s me meeting Arthur Burghardt, the voice of Destro. He was…a very interesting man to meet. To say the least…



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