Review: Sgt Slaughter GI Joe Classified Figure

Here’s a figure that I’ve been waiting a while for and if you’re a GI Joe fanatic, I bet you have as well. It’s time to fall in line, eat some snake burgers and head to the SlaughterHouse, because Sgt Slaughter has arrived to the GI Joe: Classified line!!!!

Let’s take a look at what makes this particular figure so amazing:


I know I know. No more plastic. Still dealing with that myself and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. But that’s another thought for another day. What we need to focus on is the amazing artwork by uber-talented artist and die hard, lifelong Joe fan, Adam Riches. Adam included as many pieces of Sarge’s legendary incarnations as a Joe for the art: The comic, the live action bumpers and introductions, the cartoon, the original packaging and my personal favorite, the Triple T commercial(where you see the fist breaking through). It really gives you an idea just how important Sarge is to the line and what he represents. And I know Adam was the right person to do this!


Much like the WWE Ultimate Figure released last year, this figure has EVERYTHING. Multiple hands to make sure he’s posed in the best way possible. You can have him pointing, clenching his fist and ready to knock out some Cobra scum, an open hand to hold more accessories, and a claw hand which I assume is used to have him either join the 4 Horsemen or tear Serpentors face right off. Either way someone’s in trouble and thank goodness it ain’t me for once!

The basics are of course included. Sarge’s whistle, hat, glasses, swagger stick are also included. Because without all of those, you’d just have a  Beautiful Bobby Remus figure. 

Let’s talk about it: HE COMES WITH HIS OWN ACTION FIGURE. STOP IT. STOP IT RIGHT NOW THATS AMAZING. The packaging is extremely tiny and I’m almost terrified to open it because given my clumsiness, I may lose it forever. So be careful with this one!!!

His last accessory is a rifle which comes with a scope and magazine to help add a touch of real life authenticity. Sgt Slaughter was shown using this rifle in the cartoon, the movie and comic so this was a great touch if you wanted to give him a break from cracking skulls with his fists!


A perfect sculpt in my opinion. Thankfully, Sarge is a somewhat plain and stripped down figure compared to other GI Joes so I imagine he was a bit easier to create. What I really appreciate the most with this figure is the fact that he’s so accurate to his appearance in the cartoon and original figure from his expression, to the muscles, even the right skin tone, he looks like he walked right out of the cartoon. Amazing. Since I don’t have any other Classified figures, I can’t really compare him to the rest of the line, but the height and size of his torso and legs are perfect from what I can tell. I’m also a huge fan of the articulation and how easy it is to pose him in very cool stances and poses. So if you’re a loose figure collector or enjoy taking photos of your toys, this is the figure for you!

He also matches up very well with my other childhood hero, HeMan. The stories they could tell.

So if you can find yourself a Sarge online, go ahead and treat yourself. I hope more figures become available because I simply can’t imagine having a Joe collection without this big chinned badass!

10/10 highest recommendation possible and in my humble opinion, the absolute best Sgt Slaughter figure we’ve ever seen in any incarnation is that a bold statement to make? Perhaps but I think this figure delivers in a massive way. I hope to see more Sarge figures in the future. Would love a Slaughter’s Marauders variant as well!

Yo Joe!


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