Review: Monster Mania Oaks Show

I’ve attended quite a few conventions this year, and I really would like to write full reviews on all of them. Especially Chiller Theatre Halloween, but this is just a quick review I wanted to punch out quickly. I’ll get to the Chiller review soon though. That was a weekend I need to share with everyone.

So I attended Monster Mania at the Oaks Convention Center in Phoenixville, PA this weekend. This was MM’s second venture inside the convention center and I gotta tell ya: Monster Mania in a convention center>>>>>>>>>>Monster Mania in a hotel. That move to Oaks definitely helped add a better convention going experience. Hope they continue to run it more, I’d gladly go out of my way to attend that show again.

I’ve been saying that Cherry Hill hotel shows are a disaster for fans attending for ages now to the point that I just feel like a broken record. There’s no room to move around, breathe, can’t catch up with your friends in the convention space itself without being in the way of others. But the convention center provides a better space for fans to enjoy themsleves much more. Don’t get me wrong there’s still a lot of people attending the Oaks show but there’s more room to move freely (as good as this is, I became overwhelmed when I first got there and had a panic attack. Thankfully not a major one and was able to come back and enjoy the show shortly thereafter).

On the plus side there’s a lot more room for vendors. Which is great and provides more eyes on the products and potentially more new customers. I myself had a fun time helping my pal at VHSPS out as well as seeing other vendor friends and hearing their experiences as well.

Apparently the big let down of the weekend was not a guest per se but the line and the waiting experience. Robert Englund’s line was the biggest headache for fans and staff as every VIP ticket holder chose to use their jump the line pass for Robert leading to a 4 to sometimes 8 hour wait, leaving many if not all General Admission attendees(as of Saturday evening) unable to meet Robert. Robert’s arthritis and taking his time with fans also lead to long waits for those waiting. Although that certainly shouldn’t be the sole blame by any means for the long waits as Robert always leaves fans with a positive memory and a fun story or two. A 2 item limit was introduced to keep the line moving, which is understandable but left many who brought numerous items very upset. Hopefully the line/wait issue is solved in the future. Maybe a line queue or numbered tickets could come in handy so fans can guarantee their spots in line, still go out and enjoy the rest of the con and not sacrifice their time waiting on one guest.

All in all though, great show. I really love the atmosphere MM inside the convention center has. MM is running 5 shows in 2023 (very excessive in my opinion) but I feel like the Oaks show could be the one to pay attention to the most, especially if you want the entire convention experience with less hassle and panic of being in a cramped hotel. I highly suggest and recommend attending the Oaks show. Check it out!

Here’s some fun photos of my adventures:

Yes, I got justice for Mark Gray. The Phantom Prowler returns!!!! I couldn’t turn down this photo since Elm Street 5 is my favorite of the series and Mark was my favorite character. 

ignore the sweat and focus on the lovely Jennifer Rubin

The lovely Jennifer Rubin and I!

Ira Heiden and I. He is the Wizard Master!

Do you want to play a game?

Corey Taylor’s panel brought out a great crowd . A lot of great and personal stories.


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