A Tale Of Two Cons Part 1: Chiller Theatre 2022

Well this was a long time coming and I apologize for the delay but I hope you enjoy the adventures and craziness I’ve been experiencing lately…

Convention season is back in full swing and I don’t think anyone is more excited than me! Just about a month ago I got the opportunity to attend two great shows (coincidentally in the same exact area: Parsippany, NJ) . I’ll break them both down in two separate entries because they were two totally different shows and experiences and want to share as much as I can without overloading anyone!

First up was Chiller Theatre’s Spring Show! Anchored by a fairly large Back To The Future reunion, MASH reunion and Monkees member Mickey Dolenz, this was my first major getaway in a very long time and was more of a show to escape, decompress and hang out with good friends. I didn’t really want to go out of my way and spend a lot of money at this particular show, I just wanted to relax and laugh. But of course being me, I still found ways to rub shoulders with some famous names! So let’s get the rundown:

Christopher Lloyd:

One of the big names headlining the show and had the line to prove it. Thankfully attending Friday night gave me the opportunity to knock any and all my wants out in one quick evening. Doc Brown always brings in the big crowds, and rightfully so given his resume. I’ve attended shows he’s been a guest at before but I usually have passed due to budget cuts, so since my guest list was fairly light this time. So while I didn’t want to spend too much money, this was  a big exception. 

Christopher Lloyd is a very quiet guy and a man of few words but in no way rude or nasty. All I really wanted was a photo op and the chance to tell him how much I loved his as Judge Doom(which is why I brought a Roger Rabbit doll for the photo!) and I did with no rush whatsoever. Christopher was very nice and seemingly appreciative of all his fans, especially the families who came out to see him. He left everyone with a positive memory.

James Tolkan:

The name may not be as recognizable at first but you’ve seen James pop up in many of your favorite movies! He played Stinger on Top Gun, Principal Strickland in Back To The Future, and my personal favorite, Detective Lubic in Masters of the Universe! 

Much like Lloyd, James has been making the convention rounds lately and I wanted to make sure I was able to make a show to meet him. I’ve had the honor of meeting many cast members from MOTU and he was definitely at the top of my list! He was very friendly, having fun with everyone (calling everyone who came to his table a slacker!) and seemed to appreciate me telling him how much I loved Masters of the Universe. And naturally, I even brought my childhood Gwildor figure for my photo op which brought a smile to his face. 


The man. The myth. The legend. The mind behind ShitMovieFest and the iconic ShitMas was also in town alongside Jason of Icon vs Icon, Freddie of FullMoonReviews and Garrett of Born2BeRad to partake in some amazing times. The entire time I spent with this crew was spent joking and making rounds in the vendor room. It’s always a pleasure to see the boys and I always look forward to catching up with them! 

What really made me happy was finally meeting up with my pal James, director of show operations and one heckuva funny guy! James is usually running around like a madman all weekend making sure things are run smoothly, so I was so grateful for him to take some time out and goof off with me for a while! I could’ve sat around all day sharing his stories and chatting! Thanks for the great time, James!

After the show, I was able to meet up with my buddy and Ninja Turtles enthusiast, Jon of The Sewer Den at a local diner. It was a great treat to meet up with him, catch up, talk about life and geeky stuff as well. I don’t get to see Jon often because he’s such a busy bee so I was so, so grateful for him to make some time and hang out for a little on Saturday afternoon.

Oh right. The haul. Through a couple of trades and very generous gifts from many people, I was able to still leave with even more than I had before! Thanks to everyone!

And I am happy to report I was FINALLY able to acquire an official Chiller shirt in my size!!!! There were a lot great shirts featuring many past and present guests but there was only one choice for me…

While I wasn’t at Chiller as long as I normally am, I’m so glad I made it and saw so many of my friends. And I’m even more grateful my pal Andrew was able to make the drive up for his first Chiller Theatre as well!!! From what I’m told, it won’t be his last either. It’s not just a convention to meet celebrities to me, it’s a mood, it’s an atmosphere, it’s the memories, it’s the friends you have with you and the awkward celebrity encounters you experience in the hotel cafe. It’s comforting as heck and a feeling I get from very few , if any, other conventions. Thanks so much to Kevin, James, Eddie and the entire Chiller crew who helped put together another fun and relaxing show. I’ve never had a bad time at Chiller and I’m extremely grateful  for every show I’ve been too. Here’s to many more shows and even more good times!!!

Stick around for my next report: 80s Wrestling Con!!!!


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