Alf Invades Burger King To Rock Out!

I love Alf so much. He was a huge part of my childhood and a show I’d always look forward to watching. I even loved both Alf cartoons as well. Alf Tales could be a little much sometimes but hey…more Alf the better!  So that said, it be shocking to no one that I still have my Alf doll from my childhood. While it wasn’t the big talking Alf Coleco Doll that so many kids coveted, this one was just as cool to me. And all I had to do to get it was to eat a cheeseburger!

Back in 1988 the good folks at Burger King offered 4 fun, high quality hand puppets featuring Alf participating in a number of activities: Surfing, cooking, playing baseball and a rocker. Now that’s pretty rad and something you’d want if you saw it in the toy section at KMart. But just to add some extra spice to the already enticing deal, every puppet came with a corresponding record featuring Alf singing a fun parody song corresponding with his motif. 

So if you’re in the mood for a fun summer playlist addition, MelMac Girls is right up your alley! Looking to headbang just like your hero and pro wrestling’s most baddest dude, Warhorse? Melmac Rock is your perfect choice! A record and an honest to goodness Alf puppet that I could carry with me to preschool??? Even as a kid this promotion blew me away and looking back, the effort still astonishes me. 

Sometimes it pays to have a dad addicted to fast food! He loved his fast food cheeseburgers which is odd because he was a good cook and would often make us great stuff. But when it came to those afternoon lunch trips at Roy’s, Hardee’s and Burger King, I never complained. Especially when a cool promo like this was involved. And in 1988? Well the only person cooler than Alf would’ve been Macho Man Randy himself.

Oh yeah and my dad. Who bought me said Alf.

                        Record covers courtesy of Pintrest 

I had the baseball Alf but I lost him a long time ago but this Rockin’ Alf still looks great, he’s definitely seen a lot and traveled many places between my brother(his original owner) and I. Heck, I think I even brought him on a trip to NY with me at one point in 1991. I mean if you’re gonna travel, you’re gonna need a pal to keep you company and at age 8, Alf was a pretty good pal to have. 

Alf has been immortalized in many forms from prime time star to Pogs to an upcoming figure from NECA and literally everywhere in between, but to me, my favorite piece of Alf-abilia will always be this guy right here…

Now excuse us please. We’re about to rock out to “MelMac Rock”…🤘


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