My Favorite Things From Target’s Halloween Section!

It’s been a few years since I’ve reviewed Target’s Halloween offerings. To be honest with you, it was a mixture of things. A combination of not feeling the Halloween spirit as much as I once did and Target kinda phoning in didn’t help. Yes I know that may be controversial to say, but the last few years, I just haven’t been blown away by Target. I mean not every year is going to be the biggest and best ever, I get that. Sometimes you need a year or two to calm things down to bring you back up. And if I may say that after my latest trip, Target DEFINITELY brought me back up.

I think the fact that all the Target stores near me have been taking their time setting up kinda helped. By mid October (sometimes even as early as late September) I’m just over Halloween and it usually has to do with so many places putting out decorations food and costumes so early while I’m trying to enjoy the summer. I mean I can’t dive into a pumpkin cookie while it’s a hot day outside and I’m enjoying lemonade and something s’more flavored! This delay is definitely welcomed. Speaking of delay, I don’t think any further description would help this entry so let’s just hop in! Here’s my favorite things I saw this year!

First up, let’s talk about the Ghostbsuters stuff! No doubt meant to capitalize on the upcoming release of Afterlife, we not only get Ghostbusters costumes but accessories! Back in the heyday of The Real Ghostbusters by Kenner, you could proton packs, traps and PKE meters at every store which helped make the line so legendary. Now that we have a new GB movie coming, someone somewhere decided to shove so much Ecto-y goodness down our throats that we’d be tasting it well into 2022! So if you need a trap or goggles or whatever, now’s a darn good time to grab them! Just a heads up, the trap is mainly for show and DOESNT open up. But man it looks awesome in these colors. 

Bonus Tip: the accessories would look great signed by Ghostbusters alumni at conventions!

Next thing that caught my eye was these simple Melamine plates and bowls. Why? Well, one of my favorite past Halloween items were always the dinnerware. They always came in fun, uplifting colors and designs that would bring a big smile to your face. I think the last few years they stopped for one reason or the other but they’re back and in full force! What I’m hoping for the most is these will continue into Christmas as well. 

Bonus Tip: these are so great to eat Count Count out of on a Saturday morning in your pajamas. Or simply put some fun Halloween M&M’s in there and leave out for a snack!

Disney fan? You’re in for a treat! These cold cups are gonna be something you can use all year round and while everything else I saw today was great, stuff that supersedes the season are my favorite things. These look more like products that be available at Disney Parks and stores so to see them at Target makes me very happy. Definitely an item that you should be on the look out for, I can’t imagine these just gathering dust. Target fans love this style of cups anyway, but add Jack Skellington and Xero? Yeah grab them if you see them!!!!

Bonus Tip: check out the other fun NBC stuff they have to offer! Stylish and fun!

Target always brings out the big guns for the later holiday seasons and these two are pretty massive:

A neon sign with a friendly skeleton and a very happy pumpkin. I’m sure Target has done neon Halloween signs in the past but this one is by far my favorite. Something about a friendly skeleton waving at me just makes me happy.

Bonus Tip: Whenever I see neon signs, I think of old video stores and this would make for a great display with a bunch of VHS and horror memorabilia underneath. 

Stop everything. A hot air pumpkin balloon with a pumpkin pilot. Wait is that the right term for some who flies a hot air balloon? Who cares because THIS IS AMAZING! This looks like something that came straight out of Return to Oz or some haunted house from 1992. If theres ever been a reason to be pissed that I don’t have a yard of my own, this would be it. I’ve seen Target do some wild stuff but this just simply cannot be topped and I tip my hat to that pumpkin…pilot(?) dude.

Bonus Tip: this whole thing is a bonus.

Well I suppose that’s it. Nothing else will…will…oh my gosh…is that…?

Holy crap. Is that you Audrey 2?!?!?

Yup, just when I thought we had reached the Halloween zenith, I was proven wrong. While not officially a licensed Audrey 2 from Little Shop Of Horrors this “Blood Succulent” is clearly a big wink to that very beloved movie. Every year, we’ll get something that is “officially unofficial” and we completely fall in love with it. Well I’m happy to report that THIS is that amazing item. While it doesn’t sing or play music, it is a fantastic decoration and would be a fun conversation piece all year round. Besides, why have boring house plants when you could have a sweet and sassy man eating Venus flytrap in your living room!

Bonus Tip: maybe some spooky strobe light behind it?

That’s just a couple of things I found that I fell in love with. If I were to cover everything I wanted, we’d be here for another 780 paragraphs. My suggestion to you is, head to your local Target, play with everything you see,  press all the buttons and feel like a big kid. Because after the last year and a half, we could all use a little spooky fun right now!


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