Feel The Power of HAUNTED HELLGLOW!!!!!!

 A few months ago I became so frustrated after a deal went sour over a very rare Masters of the Universe figure. It was SCAREGLOW, perhaps the rarest single carded figure in the original line. This little old lady had him listed for $35 which I immediately jumped on and set up a meeting place and time. However she quickly became inundated with offers and told me she received a whopping offer of $400 for the toy and couldn't turn it down. Part of me understood since she was just trying to make some extra cash and then part of me was so bitter that she went back on her word. In the end, much like AC/DC said, Money Talks...

What's that phrase? "Necessity is the mother of invention"?

So I started thinking to myself "Chad, old bean, you like customizing. Find a Scareglow head and make him yourself.". See, I'm not just good looks, dear friend, I sometimes have a good idea. Of course! Why drop 300 on a figure when I can just get a friend to mold me the head and I'll create something even better(in my mind)? Then it hit me. The new MOTU origins Scareglow comes out soon and I was able to make a preorder awfully fast so...instead of Scareglow himself, why not create his big brother and much better dresser? Why not give the world a fun new character for the Halloween season? Why not make them feel my pain? WHAT ABOUT ME? WHAT ABOUT RAVEN? Oh...I mean...why not create: HAUNTED HELLGLOW!!!!!

"Hellglow, the ultimate fright invading Eternia!!! Nothing can possibly stand in his way from becoming the most dominant force in all of Eternia and Etheria! Born with the ability to camoflauge himself with his surroundings and pop out to drain the energy of his foes with his mighty Brain Drain Capture Claw that he will use to drain everyone's memories and secrets, Hellglow will stop at nothing to gain power and make himself the king! Can anyone stop him in his evil pursuit?"

And...just for fun, here's a little commercial I did with the help of some friends to help hype him up. Never done a video like this before so I wanted to capture the fun and campiness of the original MOTU commercials. Enjoy!

Thanks to Jay of SludgeCentral.com for his radical voice over and Scott Modrzynski for his amazing logo work! This was a lot of fun to do and a lot of fun to get some friends involved in as well!


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