Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Horror Movie BBQ Podcast: ToyFair 2020 Review

The Horror Movie BBQ Podcast returns for another fun discussion about what else! TOYS!

I was joined by my good friend and huge toy geek, Richard Mayerik, to discuss all our favorite and not so favorite reveals from ToyFair 2020. We touch on a lot of subjects and cover a lot of ground, so be prepared to take an audio tour of the great event with us!



  1. Great podcast guys. I have the Alien Reaction Power Loader. It's pretty freaking cool. It's worth picking up if you get a chance. Even though the card art is amazing I open most of my Reaction figures. We also got an awesome Planet Of The Apes playset from reaction which is one of my favorites. Cause I always wanted planet of the apes in 3.75 inch scale. Super7 showed a bunch of awesome stuff coming. The NECA Jaws figures made me the most happy. As someone that owns a toy store. I do thing those Ghostbuster figures are going to appeal to kids a lot as well as adults. I have a lot a kids that come in my store with there parents and they love 80's toys. Cause that is what there parents grew up with for one. So stuff like that appeals to them.

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