Review: A Flock of Milk Chocolate Turkeys!

It's a pretty well known fact that Trader Joe's goes all out when it comes to their holiday offerings. If you've never had one of their famous Christmas advent calendars, you're really missing out. No holiday is left untouched and if you need any further proof, check out these amazing chocolate turkeys!

A Flock of Milk Chocolate Turkeys! Maybe a better description is The 4 Turkeymen? I'll alert Ole Anderson immediately, I'm sure he has a new gig waiting for him as the enforcer of these bad boys!

Check out this amazing box! Add a little of Trader Joe's trademark retro packaging and some old fashioned attitude, you got a treat you don't even wanna mess with, let alone eat!

What's this? A new favorite Thanksgiving character? NAY! ICON:

He may be a turkey, but there's no arguing that he's no jive turkey.

Look at that sassy turkey on the right poking his head in!

Make no mistake here, these may be basic hollow milk chocolate treats to some, but the attention to detail can't be denied. This is some next level stuff here I'm talking about here, ladies and gentlemen. Not just the quality of the mold and sculpt, but the quality of chocolate itself is absolutely amazing.

Very sweet and tasty, I suggest maybe limiting yourself to just one unless you have a serious threshold for rich milk chocolate. Which if you're like me, you probably do have a serious sweet tooth and one just wouldn't settle for one sitting. I feel bad for eating such a great treat that could've also made for a fun display piece during the big day on the 28th but I stand by my actions and the lack of sleep I got that night. 3 solid milk chocolate turkeys(my wife took one) aren't the best thing to eat before bed but they are fun!

A Flock Of Milk Chocolate Turkey's can be found at your local Trader Joe's everywhere and I suggest you pick them up sooner than later. I'm predicting these will become super popular just based off the detail, the packaging and the amazing taste. I can't recommend these enough, I really think they work as a fun dessert and something to offer guests this holiday. Plus, if we have chocolate bunnies during Easter, why not adorable/delicious/addicting/dangerously amazing chocolate turkeys?


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