The HorrorMovieBBQ Podcast: The Real Ghostbusters!

Strap on your gear! Cross those streams and hop in your Ecto1! Because it's time to chat about the legendary REAL GHOSTBUSTERS!

Of course, earlier this year, I discussed my love of Ghostbusters 2 on a previous episode, but I've been waiting to discuss this iconic toyline and cartoon that so many people still hold so near and dear to their Ecto colored hearts! Joining me on the episode is my TPIF cohost and 9lovable scamp Tommy "TC" Coombs and from the Toys That Made Us, Richard Mayerik. In this episode we discuss:

  • Our introductions to the series
  • Our favorite episodes
  • Best figures
  • Favorite vehicles
  • Filmation Ghostbusters...?

And so much more! So pop open that box of Ecto Cooler, enjoy a Twinkie, put your feet up and enjoy!


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