Mill Creek Loves The 90s!

For the past year or so, our friends at Mill Creek Entertainment has been releasing some of our favorite video store classics in amazing retro VHS packaging. While a lot of hardcore VHS collectors initially wrote this gimmick off as pure cash grab and a little on the stupid side. But in my opinion, a lot of these movies wouldn't get the chance to get a bluray release, let alone with original artwork.  I love these releases. Check out what they've been offering us lately!





For their 1980s collection, the movies were done in the style of the previous release, mainly the Columbia-TriStar packaging with a red and white border with a black cassette peaking out. But now, the 90s collection feature different colored cassettes for each. Colored cassettes were more prevalent in the 90s than the 80s, so this is a nice bonus.The slipcovers themselves, featuring original artwork, are fantastic and really capture that great video store feel.

If you're wanting more 90's goodness, they also have some other fun releases including Mindwarp, which before this release was only available in a limited edition Twilight Time release. Glad to see this Fangoria Film get another life on this bluray release with Brainscan. Two great early 90s cyber-horror movies on the same disc? Works for me! I've always hoped I could get my hands on Mindwarp, so for this release to be so affordable and paired with another fun classic, is just great news all around for everyone.



If you're looking to spice up your collection and want some great flashbacks to your youth, pick these up. They look great on the outside and the transfers are pretty great too. You just can't go wrong! If you have interest in any of these great releases and more, you can head over to Mill Creek's site and check out the great products!


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