Friday, June 21, 2019

BONUS EPISODE: Batman 89 Merchandise and Hype!

You didn't think I was through talking to my awesome friends about Batman '89 did you? Oh come now! You'd have to think I'd have gone nuts!

On today's special bonus episode of The Horror Movie BBQ Podcast, I'm joined by my pal Jay of The Sexy Armpit and 1/2 of The Purple Stuff Podcast  to discuss the hype job and merchandising bonanza that Batman created. Some who are too young may not realize just how huge this movie was and in order to help make it so huge, you gotta have all the fun side cash grabs!

We discuss it all! The toys! The cereal! The commercials! The Batmobiles! The Posters! The...pamphlets?!?!? huh?!?! Yup, we'll be chatting all about what made us kids even crazier for that crazy Bat!



  1. I was just telling my wife and daughter about the Batman 89 trading cards today and how I once bought a full box of them from a dollar store and ended up with a complete set and dozens of sticks of that oddly satisfying yet cardboard tasting gum. Good times!

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