Hasbro-Uary: Sid Justice

Ahhh...Big Sid Justice. The man who wanted to rule the world. The man who won multiple world titles. The man who could've taken over Hulk Hogan's spot and been the next big superhero. Unfortunately, he was also the man who crapped his pants multiple times in the ring and became a joke at times.

But before all that, he was one of the most impressive wrestlers ever. Just look at him! Dude is almost 7 foot and looks like the real life Brock Sampson and most likely just as dangerous. If you were to create a perfect looking wrestler, this is what he'd look like. As a good guy, he was popular like you wouldn't believe. As a villain, people LOVED to hate him. Plus, the name "Sid"? That just sounds powerful. Sure, he had a lot of trouble with promos and interviews, but man, he got over with the audience huge. Now, Sid's had a lot of action figures throughout his career in both WCW and WWF. He even received some figure treatments by Mattel, which were pretty fantastic. But his Hasbro figure is something we simply must talk about...

Ok, pretty impressive. The face is a little corny but he could be a corny guy at times. I would actually argue that as silly as he looks, it's still a pretty good sculpt but Hasbro didn't make their bones off making 100% accurate face sculpts of course, so let's not be picky. The hair is pretty good, considering Sid had an almost William Katt level perm at times. But the real draw of this figure is his action feature: THE POWER BOMB. His devious finisher where he'd pick his victims up and proceed to drop them on their backs, ensuring nothing but flawless victory. This figure? Oh yeah. He's totally winning matches.

While it was pretty impossible to completely recreate the power bomb itself, the body slam feature did enable you to somewhat achieve it. Of course, it wouldn't be as photographically pleasing as what you see above. When you're Sid's size, you could pretty much throw anyone around like a rag doll, even if that person was the Hulkster so this action feature was a perfect addition. Of course, as most fans know, Sid's first WWF run didn't last nearly as long as the company had hoped, so this figure got released well after his departure (and I believe by the time he reappeared in WCW to team with Vader) which was common at that time. Still, to have a figure of one of the most unique performers ever in his prime was pretty fantastic, even if he had moved on.

Not bad for a guy who made softball his priority over wrestling at times...


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