The Horror Movie BBQ Podcast: WWF Hasbros!

After a ten month hiatus and working on other projects, I am happy to announce that the HorrorMovieBBQ Podcast is BACK and better than ever! With a subject that can no doubt please the wrestling geek and nostalgic toy fan in all of us, WWF HASBROS!

Joining me for today's episode are my friends Myles Arden, admin of the WFIGs Facebook Group and Richard Mayerik, toy-mega fan and producer of the wildly popular and beloved Netflix series The Toys That Made Us. Both guests were fantastic, have a wealth of toy knowledge and had a deep love of these plastic muscle-bound goofballs. Today's discussion consists of:

-Faveorite/least favorite figures.
-WWE Mattel Retro Line.
-Recent popularity.
-The infamous Orange Line.
-What's our favorite/least favorite action feature?
-Why the long face, 123 Kid?

And so much more!

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So sit back, relax and breath in the neon fumes of nostalgia! Maybe even bust out your ring and figures and get in the spirit by putting on a match while you listen too! We won't judge, since we were most likely playing with figures while recording too!

-Chad, Myles, Richard

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