Visiting The Zubaz Store!

A Sunday in Buffalo during the winter isn't exactly the number 1 spot for a celebration. It's just cold, snowy, rainy, and very ugly and can make you kinda cranky and tired and just put you in a bad mood. Or maybe that's just me. I genuinely like Buffalo but the snow don't help. Especially for a Maryland-boy at heart who prefers to stay in and under about 47 blankets when it snows. But, sometimes there's something or somewhere so radical I have to suck it up, pack up the car with water and snacks and make the drive for. And yesterday was one of those amazing occasions. I brought two of my friends and decided to hit up...THE ZUBAZ STORE!

What? You didn't know about The Zubaz Store? The store that contains so many amazing zebra striped products that you'll think you're in Brian Bosworth's mind.

For those who don't know what Zubaz are, they are the most comfortable pants in the world. Usually popularized by pro wrestlers(ESPECIALLY The Road Warriors, who invested a lot in the company), football players and weightlifters, the pants were designed with the intent of stretching and constant movement with as much comfort as possible without tearing or ripping. They usually make the perfect lounge/sleeping pants and can lead to an excellent lazy day uniform. These amazing pants were in all sorts of colors and designs, but if you're a member of the Zubaz Nation, you know that Zebra stripe is the way to go, bro.

I didn't know what to expect with this store. I figured I'd see some crazy zebra stuff, maybe something resembling a Zubaz-Pee Wee's Playhouse mashup. A lot of lights, perhaps? Loud 80s music? Maybe even AC Slater hanging out while showing off his sweet break dancing moves? Well, whatever expectations I may have had were thrown out the window with one sign.

Look right? Well ok, but I don't know what to gosh...


Ok, ok...breathe in...good gosh is that wall of nothing but Zubaz pants?

Well, it wasn't Zubaz Playhouse, but it's still pretty overwhelming once you walk in. More colors in here than in the rainbow itself and in all different sizes and items! And if the offerings weren't awesome enough, they were all on extreme clearance. Some pants were only 7 bucks and even overalls were only 7 bucks!

Don't be fooled. This store isn't completely pants and overalls. They even have accessories that make your otherwise humdrum day a little bit more spectacular and flashy! Remember when I mentioned the Road Warriors?

ROAD WARRIOR MASKS! In tribute to their biggest celebrity supporters, these delightful lucha masks are perfect for playing sports, heading to the bar for Wrestlemania or just some fun photos with your friends. And no your eyes don't deceive you. Buy 1 get 2 free. That's actually not a bad deal!

Looking to support your favorite company but can't wear those pants at work? Try these sweet sunglasses on! Featuring that sweet Zubaz logo, you'll be the coolest guy in the office in no time!

Now the other items I kinda expected because they're listed on the website, but a skateboard? Did NOT see that coming! I could've been fooled that this was an actual skateboard from the late 80s. It's a nice, smooth looking skateboard. In fact, I'm pretty sure I should've picked one up, sticker it up and try to skateboard again.

Ehhh...Probably not the best idea, but it certainly was the VIP pick of this store.

A lot of love for the locals in this store. Labatt Blue, a Canadian beer company that is also the official beer partner of The Bills and Sabres. So up in B-lo, if you ain't drinking Labatt, you're not doing it right. I think...I only drink Pepsi so i'm just guessing here. Zubaz actually has it's own beer can in partnership with Bills and Labatt so why wouldn't they blow it up and make a poster that would drive the most honest man into envy?

You guys have no clue how bad I wanted that banner. The manager wouldn't sell it. I understand, but I'll still be dreaming about it later.

 Fun Christmas shirts are still on clearance. Cool shirt for the holidays, but for people who celebrate the Christmas all year round, it's just another Monday afternoon shirt. Pretty cool shirts, at that though. Not a bad idea to stock up on these now and start planning your family Christmas card. Don't forget to put me on that receiving list!

Preparing for a St. Patty's Day party? Good! Zubaz has your back with some tasteful shirts, ties and hats! Makes sense to me! If I'm gonna be getting drunk and roving around in front of bars, I'd prefer my shirts to be the choice of pro wrestlers who dress like Marvel supervillians of the 1970s.

To be honest, at this point, the store wanted my friends and I out of the store in a major way. I could see the workers get exhausted with us, trying on everything, taking photos and laughing like idiots. We had good reason though. We were having a lot of fun and to be in a store that carries these items and not have fun would be absolutely illogical. Zubaz brings the fun and we had a ball while at this store. But what did I pick up?

Well, I had to get a pair of pants, and if I was getting a pair of pants, it was gonna be ones that resemble Fruity Pebbles/Fruit Stripe Gum. You really thought I'd go subtle and pick out a solid color? Come on, you know me by now! These pants are literally the most comfortable pants ever and are giving my Count Chocula pajama pants a run for their money. I gotta figure out how I can wear these at work and not get written up.

The Road Warrior masks you saw previously were great but I didn't have 20 bucks. However this mask was only 2 bucks and still maintained that Legion of Doom/Zubaz feel. Sure it's got a sports team logo but those black, red and white stripes were drawing me in. I couldn't pass this up for two dollars! I'd be foolish to leave without it!

Oh but the fun doesn't stop there. With every purchase comes...FREEBIES!I couldn't get a photo of the drawer itself, but imagine a drawer of Zubaz throwback greatness!

 Arm sleeves! Well, it's getting awfully cold here, so why not keep my arms warm with what appears to be Jake Robert's tights?

Headbands! I'm sorry but I can't look at these and not think of Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels as the Rockers. A perfect choice in my opinion. I'll be rocking these all year round!

Clear stickers! Those will end up on literally everything I own!

With a visit to their freebie drawer and a quick purchase, it was time to say goodbye. And it was a very hard goodbye to say. But to know that this store is right around the corner, makes me smile all over again and gets my hopes up with thoughts of savings, zebra stripes and (hopefully) more freebies!

On a side note, why would I drag my friends to a Zubaz store? It's simple. We were heading up to Niagara Falls, it was on the way and it meant something to a weird degree. My friend Andrew and I used to call ourselves "The Zubaz Squad" in middle and high school, a name we chose after he jokingly teased about wearing Zubaz in 1998. So we embraced it and always picked up Zubaz whenever we saw it in a thrift store. But to visit the store? Oh yeah! Now we're talking. We always have fun no matter what we do, and we certainly had fun today.

Oh right...those masks...they may have made it over the border too...


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