The Chad Report With Corey Chapman!

In today's "lost episode" (read: I got wrapped up with other stuff), I present to you a fun conversation between UnderScoopFire alum, Chap Report Host and Garbage Plate connoisseur, Mr. Corey Chapman. Recorded in July 2017, Corey's been on a very brief hiatus from podcasting and since Corey has always made time for me to appear on his show, I'm more than honored to be the show he decided to make my show his jumping off point to return to the podcast world.

In today's episode, Corey and I discuss:

  • Where has Corey been?
  • D23 Announcements.
  •  Our favorite Disney related announcements.
  • SDCC overview.
  • Hot dogs.
  • What I refer to my bathroom as. 
 So have fun, enjoy and forgive me for taking so long to post this great episode!

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