Today's subject is quite the controversial character and I see no better way to kick off MOTU Month than with this guy!

See that furry, little troll? That's Gwildor, a character created for the live action Masters movie as a replacement for the cartoon's favorite magical master of hi-jinx, Orko. He essentially played the comic relief, a bumbling fool that would follow around He-Man and his crew on their way to and from Eternia. The master of the awe inducing Cosmic Key was played by legendary character actor Billy Barty and became an instant favorite of...well, probably just me. But his figure is a fantastic sculpt and I have to imagine, had the line continued, we could've gotten more great sculpts like this. His size, big gut, happy face and crazy hair make him stand out.

Gwildor only came with one accessory and he only needed one accessory. I can only be referring to...THE COSMIC KEY!
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The figure included in this writeup is beaten up and beyond filthy for a good reason because...well...he's mine! I've had him since 1987! After seeing the movie, I quickly became a fan. How could I not love a troll that steals fried chicken and ribs from a bunch of horny teens making out in a convertible?

He's one of the very few toys, action figure or otherwise, I still have. He went through the dirt in many battles in my backyard as a child and has remained a favorite in my collection. Now, the modern "Classic" line gave us a phenomenal sculpt that looks more in line with the way he looked in the movie, but for me, nothing tops this guy right here.

Now if only I could find that coat he wears in my size...

Good Journey!


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