Monday, August 14, 2017


From the Masters of the Universe movie, comes Blade, the lethal swordsman and one of Skeletor's newest henchmen and my personal favorite of the bunch. Sorry, Karg. No offense...

For many, Blade seemed to be the logical replacement for TriKlops due to his one eye and swordsman skills and certainly a theory I've always bought into. The physical similarities certainly lend to that argument as well.

Blade become one of three characters from the movie (WHERE'S MY LUBIC?!?!) to receive action figures. Of all three figures released, as much as I love Gwildor, I have to say I think Blade has the most impressive sculpt. Now, he doesn't look exactly like actor Anthony DeLongis who portrayed him in the film, in fact he looks more like an extra in Pirates of the Caribbean. Don't let that stop you though, it's still a darn good looking figure and a nice addition to the series. It's a shame Blade wasn't utilized in future incarnations of the series, I feel like he could've looked cool in the 200X series or he could've fit in well in the second season the New Adventures cartoon and figure line!

With the name like "Blade", you'd expect him to be one heckuva swordsman, right? Right. He showed some sweet swordfighting skills in the movie, even rivaling He-Man's skills. His figure certainly captures that as well. By twisting his arms, you deliver quite the impressive punch or
a serious slice to your opponent. Blade seemed to have a it all as a figure and certainly gets the thumbs up from me! I just wish he had both eyes to see me do so!

Even it took me 30 years to get him, he's always been a figure I've always wanted. This figure is very unlike any other MOTU figure, which added to his coolness. He has a unique look and a great action feature. Now, the Classics figure from 2013 is absolutely fantastic and maybe someday I'll get him, but until then, I'm glad to finally add Blade to the collection!

Blade, 2013 sculpt. Photo Credit:



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