The Horror Movie BBQ Podcast, Strange Kids Club and Other Fun Stuff!

Well, it's been a fun summer for me so far! A lot of big things are happening and I really wanna share them with you!


One of my biggest goals in writing was always to get something published. I just always saw that as the holy grail for most bloggers and writers. Or maybe it's just me. Either way, I've wanted to see my name in print, and now, thanks to Rondal of and his accompanying magazine, I made that goal happen. I wrote a fun article (with great art by Phil Postma) comparing MOTU characters to Universal Monsters! I'm super stoked about this. It came out even better than I had hoped! Pick one up at The StrangeKids Club store! 

The Horror Movie BBQ Podcast:

I can't believe I haven't posted about this. It's been a very busy few months, so I'm not surprised.

I'm a huge fan of podcasting and I've always wanted to do one of my own. I just kinda got tired of waiting on others to either schedule a podcast or ask me to join theirs. So I took matters into my own hands and formed the HORROR MOVIE BBQ PODCAST! Yes, much like this site, subjects can vary from My Pet Monster to GI Joe to The Lost Boys and everything in between! The response so far has been favorable so I certainly hope to make more shows that people enjoy! The latest episode is all about the Lost Boys and I'm joined by Stacy of Stay Still Reviews, my cohost of the Terror Twins Podcast and it was a real hoot to do! The link is above in the header!

MOTU Month:

If you heard on the podcast by now, you've heard the big news: August is MOTU Month on the blog and podcast. Yes, I'll be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the live action Masters of the Universe movie, the 15th anniversary of the 200X series, and everything in between. It should be a fun month. I'm a huge MOTU fan and I hope to bring some fun entries and discussions! Be there!

I've got a few more things up my sleeve, but I don't wanna reveal all of it just yet. Gotta leave some mystery to make you guys keep coming back, donchaknow!


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