Ranking Hershey's Summer Goodies!

We're still a ways away from Halloween, and by that I mean, really a month and a half til we see Halloween goodies hit the stores, but that doesn't mean companies aren't working hard to give us options to satiate our sweet tooth! In fact, I'd argue that we get more amazing summertime treats than we do in the Halloween season. I mean, I could be wrong, but I'd still find a way to slip into an argument. I'm stubborn. Can't help it.

Now, thanks to our friends over at Hershey, our favorite candy bars get a little local twist from cities across America, resulting in somewhat different and unique takes on an old favorite or two...or four...

Now, changing a formula to an already successful product is a little risky (Coke 2, anyone?) but this seems to be seasonal and not a permanent replacement to the traditional favorites. Hersheys is no fool. They know, much like Hulk Hogan circa 1989, where the power lies. But offering a new variety from time to time never hurt anyone. I like new things, so why wouldn't I give this a new try?

I played it cautiously. Didn't wanna go too overboard with these new items. Just wanted to do one of each for now. As stubborn as I am, I'm no gambler. What would happen if I didn't like a Strawberry KitKat, but I had bought 10 of them? I'd be SOL. And you know what that means...

Luckily, most if not all flavors were pretty good. Which ones made the grade? Let's take a quick look!


Peanut butter and honey are quite the delicious combination, but add some of that trademark Hersheys chocolate, you've got a winner. The taste of honey isn't as in your face as you'd hope, but it's still a nice addition. Subtle, more or less an after taste, but it's still a welcome addition to Reeses lovers. Definitely a fan.

PAYDAY TEXAS BBQ (Well...duh...Texas)

I love peanuts and caramel, but Payday is never a bar I pick up. It's a cool idea for a candy bar but it's kinda plain. I mean it's essentially a Snickers minus the chocolate, which is prolly the reason I don't pick it up. Although, I bet if I melted this and mixed it into my ice cream sundaes it would taste great.

However, this bar may be the exception. I'm a big fan of BBQ, so this had my interest the most. I was expecting it to be the best of the group. While I don't consider it the best, I certainly did enjoy it a lot more than a normal Payday. The BBQ seasoning definitely added some zest to kick this baby up a notch. I'd say this is my favorite of the group, but the best is yet to come...


Ok, wasn't a fan of this one in the least. Maybe it's the fact that I absolutely hate cherry flavored anything. However, I was willing to put my hatred aside since it would be mixed with cheesecake flavoring. I always enjoy cheesecake and I thought "well, couldn't be too bad, right?"

Well...this was indeed my most hated. I gave it a chance and just couldn't do it. It tastes like stale cherry cough syrup mixed with some vanilla chocolate. Plain and simple. Although, if you're a fan of cherries more than I am, I'm sure you'd enjoy it way more than I did.


Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar? We'll see...

This was the one I thought I'd hate the most. Much like cherry, I HATE artificial strawberry flavored anything. However this, despite my hesitation, didn't taste like it came from Axis Chemicals and I actually enjoyed these. The flavor was a little bit more present than the Reeses but it still was clearly enough to make a difference. I think fans of KitKat are going to be very pleased with this one as a companion to the regular chocolate offering. Of all the flavors offered in this line, I feel like this could be the champ.

Well done, Hersheys. Well. Done. You made me like something I normally don't like. And isn't that the most important part?


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