5 GREAT VHS From Team Hellions and The VHS Bandits Podcast!

I've been heavy in the vhs-trading game lately. The thrift stores around me haven't been as kind as I would've hoped but thanks to rad guys at the VHS Bandits Podcast and my blogging brother Kevin over at Team Hellions I've been able to satiate my hunger for new and fresh tapes. Because sometimes coming after work to a big package of tapes, is just the happiest feeling in the world. It's like Christmas!

So let's dig in!


As a young Tromaniac, I'd always look forward to the Toxic Crusaders after school. What's not to love about the Toxic Avenger and a gang of ugly, mutated superhero parodies who also break the fourth wall? I was already on board, having seen Toxic Avenger part 3 by age 8, I was already a fan of anything Toxie. I  didn't get the action figures until I was much older but that didn't stop me from enjoying this show. The cartoon was seen as a lower tiered Ninja Turtles but really stands on it's own. It's colorful, it makes fun of itself, it has fun one-liners, and best of all? Appearances by Lloyd Kaufman as himself! The cartoon was really clever and holds up to this day. If you pop this in now and I bet you'd laugh. Which is what Uncle Lloyd would want!

I haven't watched this tape but I certainly couldn't resist it's charm. First, it's a Cannon movie, so I already know it's gonna be memorable for maybe the wrong reasons. Second, Ann-Margaret and Roy Schieder as a married couple. Third, John Glover. Yes, Daniel Clamp is in it. I took the stance a long time ago that no matter what it is, John Glover will always be great in it. May I present Meet The Hollowheads as proof? It's a great cast and I'm sure a lot of goofy nonsense. I can't wait to pop this in.  The whole reason I collect VHS tapes is to discover new movies I've never seen before and I'm looking forward to this one.

Oh plus, I'm a sucker for anything MEDIA released. That's a sexy logo too. Meow!



Another Cannon Films production/MEDIA release, and boy does it show. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 isn't even in the same level as the first TCM. In fact, it's not even a slasher. It's just  just a big goofy tribute to Leatherface and his whacked out mutant family. The VIP of the movie is, without a doubt, horror icon Bill Moseley who plays the vulgar Chop Top who has one of the best lines in horror "LICK MY PLATE YOU DOG DICK!". It's just good, fun 1980's horror at it's best. If I could marry this movie, I would.


This movie was actually the directing debut of Robert Englund, who you may recognize as the dreamy teen heartthrob, Freddy Krueger. A story about a hotline that gives super natural powers to those who dial those 7 magical numbers. Sound silly? Of course, it sounds a silly. But in it's silliness is some fun stuff. The best? When Stephen Geoffreys (Ed from Fright Night) begins to transform into some weird wolfman/satanic creature hybrid. I can't suggest this movie enough. It has the best of everything I truly adore about 1980's horror. Right down to the bully with a skunk stripe in his hair:

Oh and for the record, this release of the movie is the complete version. If you're a completist and have to have the full cut, bypass the DVD and hope and pray that someday Scream Factory or Arrow decide to release it. I know I do.




Sure, I love the second one, but this is plain and simple one of the finest slashers you'll ever witness. First off, the premise of a Santa murdering people is on level with clowns killing people. The kills were clever, the story was great and the acting is at hammy all time high! Sure this movie got some insane sequels, but nothing comes close to watching a loon dressed like Santa impaling someone through antler horns.

Oh...and it's also responsible for one of my all time songs from any movie ever "Warm Side of the Door", which also doubles as a nice entry on my Christmas playlist.

So what about you? Got any fun tapes on deck for tonight?


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