The Ecto Cooler Adventure

According to my log, this is my 200th post. My gosh, have I been really rambling for 200 posts? Wow. Well, thank you kindly for continuing to read my humble blog! It's always very much appreciated!

 It's also Ghostbusters Day! Time to celebrate!

Well...maybe not them. Admittedly, I am a fan of the Filmation series. Primevil was a really cool villain and the car was cool! And well, Futura was hot. For a cartoon, that is.

Don't you judge me.

Allright, so, you see the title. You know what today's blog entry is all about. There's no introductions needed at this point in time. But with all due respect to you guys, I still have to type it out just so I know it's real.


I'll skip the entire spiel on Ecto Cooler. You know the deal. You know the history. Chances are, much like me, you're one of the many who have requested this drink over and over again. You're part of the many who laid awake at night, crying and longing for that deliciously sexy drink. So let's just skip that and let's begin my journey, shall we?

Ecto Cooler was officially announced earlier this year and fans rejoiced. The street date was May 30th. Yep. Memorial Day. This could lead to issues.

Feeling adventurous, my fiancee and I decided to press our luck and give a few stores a look on Sunday May 29th, the day before the juice was officially to hit stores. Who knows, maybe a lazy employee sees the words "HI-C" and decides it needs to head out to the shelves. It's the thrill of the hunt and the unquenchable thirst of slime that refused to allow us to think otherwise. Sadly, it was not meant to be as no one knew what we were talking about. It just wasn't happening tonight.

So, after a fruitless effort, I headed back to bed and come midnight immediately start tracking the adventures of my friends on Twitter and Facebook.  I finally headed to bed at 1:30 and had 4 hours of sleep, My alarm went off at 5:40 am. On a day off. I need serious help. But hey, early bird gets the slime...

This effort Well...nothing. Nothing at all. No stores had it. I had hit 5 spots and there was not one trace of Ecto Cooler. I mean, I got a couple of tasty donuts, but that was all. So I headed back to my apartment and headed back to bed. After I woke up, I called each and every store in the area, no one had it. In fact, much like the stores, no one had a clue of what I was even trying to ask. All hope was essentially lost! I was ready to give up...


 I got my hands on it Tuesday, the day after it went on sale thanks to my buddy and local filmmaker, Chris Seaver of Midnight Kids Productions (formerly of Low Budget Pictures). He was kind enough to hook me up with two cans that were made available at the local Cinemark theater. And like that, my mission came to a brief close.

Still on an Ecto high, I sat at my computer that afternoon, and lo and behold I just randomly stumbled onto Amazon at the right time and was able to order two cases. So, In between gulping down the two cans gifted to me, I went to the same Cinemark and bought myself three more cans.

So now, I sit with two cases of Ecto Cooler(minus a few that I've drank or given to friends). I'm still in shock. I'm looking at Ecto Cooler. Is this really happening?

Let's dive into this little spud, shall we?

Ok, first off, the color. Look at it. It's greener than Slimer! If that's possible. The color alone makes me feel confident that it's gonna be a-ok. Even though Slimer may not be on the packaging, the drink itself wouldn't have been truly welcomed back had it not been green. The green is what everyone remembers. Sure it would've been great to have Slimer, but if you're that desperate, print up a picture of him and slap it on the can. In fact, here's some you can use!

The can itself is a thing of beauty! Not to be outdone by Pepsi, who puts out throwback cans for their products, Coke pulled out the stops.

They really went there, didn't they? They really did. The classic HI-C style was brought back just for this momentous occasion. If you look at this can, you instantly think of your childhood. The lettering style, those oranges just hanging around, the drippy slime. It's 1989 all over again, son. In fact, despite Slimer's absence, I think I'm digging this design more than the original.


That's amazing. I can't think of a better gimmick. Well, maybe a vanishing ghost or something, but hey, I'm not gonna sit here and tell Coke how to do their job. They clearly know what they're doing. I mean, I'm drinking Ecto Cooler. I'M DRINKING ECTO COOLER. How amazing is this?!?!?! It's the late 80s/early 90s all over fact...

Yeah buddy! Who wants to come over and play NES and watch WWF Superstars?

Finally, the taste. The main event. The showtsopper. The most important aspect. Oh boy...

 Everyone who took their first sip proclaimed that it tasted exactly the same as they had remembered it. It's easy for everyone to question whether or not that's the case or if it's just the excitement of owning it again. But I'm glad to report that it is indeed the same taste as before.

Now, my reunion may be a bit tarnished only because Juicy Juice put out a copycat juice which I picked up last year. The second I drank my first sip of that, it was an instant timewarp to lunchtime in kindergarten or I'm attending a neighborhood cookout in the summer. There was no if's and's or but's about it. That was Ecto Cooler, just colored yellow, but it was Ecto Cooler Which, I think the yellow probably turns a lot of people off from even trying it. But if you cant find this, try the Juicy Juice. So

 This is Ecto Cooler hands down. The taste is exactly the same as you remember it. Probably even more than you remember it. The orange/tangerine taste is certainly memorable enough to send you back to your childhood. It's undeniable. THIS. IS. ECTO COOLER. If you drink this and don't think it's the real deal, then you've clearly never had it before.

While I'm still hearing the cries of my fellow geeks who haven't found it in stores or just lack of Amazon keeping it in stock, I must repeat it: Please don't give up! Don't stop looking!!! You'll find it and when you do it'll be worth it. I swear it will. And then you'll be on top of the world, drinking Ecto Cooler and joining in a virtual Ecto Cooler picnic!

Happy Ghostbusters Day, everyone!!!


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