Come To Flower City Comic Con!

I'm very, very proud to be living in Rochester, NY. I can't say that enough. I love this town. Whether it's Gates, Greece, Brighton, or just downtown, I love this town! All of it. But what do I love more than this town? A convention. Well, thanks to a few local comic fans and smart business men, Rochester will have a comic/pop culture convention!

Flower City Comic Con will take place on April

April 23 and 24th is the date, the Riverside Convention Center will be the place to be. Look at that banner, there's some familiar faces there.  Some artists, some Power Rangers alumni, a wrestler, and a legendary voice actor. Not a bad lineup for a first show. I'm super excited to see whats to happen at this convention. My wallet on the other hand...may not...

Let's take a look at the guest list more in depth, shall we:

Certainly looks to be a fun time, if you ask me! 

While other conventions rely heavily on huge, A-List actors for bringing fans, local conventions rely on the fans to spread the word and attend. For geeks like me, these are huge names and I'd love nothing more than to see this convention grow and who knows, maybe one day you'll see a Stan Lee or a Norman Reedus stop by. Without fan support though, our local shows will mean nothing and will fizzle out quickly. So, if you're in the area, please don't hesitate to stop on by and have a fun time. Let's make this show grow into something we can point to our town and say "my local convention" while we make other geeks outside the area jealous.

Come buy some comics, meet some guests and make some friends. Who knows, maybe you'll be like me and meet your significant other at this show! Convention goers are great people and passionate about this stuff. You're bound to walk away happy.

I have a fun bit of history that I'm looking forward to revisiting. In 1997, my friend and I came up from MD to Rochester for Botcon, the much beloved(and sadly now defunct) Transformers convention. It was my first time out of state and my first weekend convention. So, in a weird way, I'm really looking forward, 19 years later, to returning to the RCC for a fun and geek-filled time all over again!

Any info on this convention can be found here. See ya at Flower City Comic Con!


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