A Look At Hello Mary Lou Prom Night 2 VHS Art!

My love of Hello Mary Lou Prom Night 2 has been very heavily documented many, many times. It's a movie that has been a favorite of mine for years and a fond video store memory of mine. So it would be of shock to no one that I've amassed a collection of various vhs from around the world...

...via eBay...

Fact is, I'd love to collect each and every copy from around the world, but I'm ok with just owning one copy and spreading the word of this in hopes that someone like Scream Factory or Olive Films will pick it up one day! It definitely deserves a release with interviews, commentary and the like. Heck, a tour of Hamilton High would be a fun extra! (Heads up, I'd be happy to host that! Hamilton, Ontario is only a small drive for me! A guy can dream!)

 Until then, I'd like to you feast your eyes upon art from around the globe. Sources vary from eBay to Amazon to Google so if your photo is presented, please forgive me for not crediting. These have been kept on a hard drive for a while now.

Bonus: A newspaper ad for a screening:

Extra bonus: Print ad for the release of all 4 Prom Night movies in Australia, I believe?


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