Day 5 of the Holidaze Halloween Challenge: Haunted House

I grew up in Maryland for the first 28 years of my life. And in those 28 years I visited Ocean City plenty of times. It's a famed vacation spot for not only people in Maryland but all over the country. The main attraction is the boardwalk, featuring the most fun games, rides and food you can imagine. I've never been to the Atlantic City boardwalk, but I imagine it being a lot like this. As a kid, I used to love going there. I'd go there with my family once or twice a year. It's definitely a huge part of my summers growing up.

One attraction I always looked forward to was the Trimper's Haunted House ride, although I feel like it was closed more times than most when I'd be on vacation. Which I get. It's been up since the 60s, so it's gonna have some issues. But I only got to ride it ONCE! But, man, what a fun memory it was. My Aunt Kay, who I was very close with(and in fact, was the person who introduced me to Tales From The Crypt) suggested I go on it with her after my mom and cousins refused. So, being the brave 11 year old I was, I accepted. I'm glad I did. Sure, it was a corny, outdated and unscary cart ride through a beat up haunted house with cardboard and wooden decorations, but good gosh it made me laugh. My aunt and I got off the ride at the end and laughed our butts off. Definitely one of my favorite memories of visiting OC!

To see what it looks like now(well, circa 2011), check out this video I found on YouTube:


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