Day 2 of The Holidaze Halloween Challenge: Favorite Halloween Drink

Favorite Halloween Drink, eh? Ok, this was a little hard for me, only because I don't partake in alcoholic beverages. Oh sure, I've tried a Pumpkin Beer or two, but it's not for me. Nothing against it, just don't like the taste. That doesn't leave me with a lot of "Halloween Drinks" though. But guess what, there's still hope for a boring straight edge dope like me!


Awwww yeah! I just couldn't pick one! They're both my favorites, past and present. Always look forward to sipping a mini can of Jones Soda while eating a plate of Cheetos Bag of Bones. It's sweet, a little tangy and always has a sweet looking vampire on the can. How can I go wrong? Plus I won't feel as guilty drinking a tiny can.

And yes, I'm very aware Ecto Cooler isn't exactly Halloween, but you can't tell me you wouldn't consider it either. I have plenty of childhood memories of drinking it in kindergarten when it first debuted, so I'm sure it found it's way to a Halloween party or two in my childhood. That and, Ghostbusters. Duh.

What would be your choice? Sound off in the comments! That means you, Emmanuel Lewis!


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