Day 1 of the Holidaze Halloween Challenge: Favorite Horror Movie

I love Cliff of the The Holidaze, a fun blog combining nostalgia, toys, and most importantly, Halloween. He's a really creative guy that always has an ace up his sleeve, (especially for Halloween) and today he unleashed his Halloween Challenge. 31 days of fun Halloween/horror related categories for anyone and everyone to enter! While I do indeed have some fun stuff planned for Halloween on this blog, these will be like mini-blog entries in between of my bigger entries. I can't help but take on a fun challenge! Check out the checklist!

Looks like I have a busy month ahead of me, eh? Well, let's begin!


I didn't see Lost Boys until later in my life. Actually, it wasn't until I turned 24. I had originally written it off about 10 years previously after catching an edited version on SciFi network, which disappoints me now, because this is one of those movies that I wish I had embraced sooner. The style, the dialogue, characters, the soundtrack, the humor. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS MOVIE ROCKS. I mean, come on! Ed Hermann as a big bad vampire? Kiefer Sutherland as the coolest vampire since Christopher Lee? The Frog Brothers? Tim Capello? What's not to love?!?!?

While my love of Nightmare on Elm Street may span over 25 years, Lost Boys is one of those movies that I can quote and watch just as many times as Freddy! Who can't love a movie with a vampire gang on motorcycles?

Oh in case you question my love of this one...

Yup, I drove to NYC to try and meet Kiefer himself. If driving in Manhattan traffic on a Saturday afternoon isn't dedication, I don't know what is...


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