Darrel Guilbeau Exclusive Interview

Darrel Guilbeau is a name familiar to anime fans across the globe, but to horror movie fans, he's known as young Ricky Caldwell in Silent Night Deadly Night 2. Yes, before he he became a popular anime voice actor, he was one of the three actors to play Ricky in the movie. So, of course, being the huge fan of the cult classic, I had to find him and chat with him about it as well as his career in voice acting. A few notes before you listen:

  • Quality: Um. Yeah. This was the first phone interview I recorded, so I didn't exactly get the right app to record it. So, you may need to turn your volume up.
  • Questions: I asked Darrel a lot. Personal life, anime, his Saved By The Bell appearance. So, there will be some jumps from time to time, but I tried to stick with a list of questions in order. 
  • Christmas?: Yeah, I lost the audio for a while and couldn't find it. So, if we discuss Christmas, then it's because I recorded this in early December of last year.        
  • Editing: Dammit Jim, I'm a blogger not an editor. I honestly have no clue how to edit audio, so there's a lot at the beginning and end you may not care about.                                                          

I really want to thank Darrel for giving me 35 minutes of his time for this interview. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about a really nice and talented guy and my hope is that so will you!


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