Celebrating The Target Halloween Shop!

Oh it's that time again. It's been a long and much anticipated wait, but guess what? We're almost in Fall. Time to ditch those shorts and buy some jeans(or some sweat pants) and grab your hoodie. And where there's Fall, there's Halloween. And where there's Halloween, there's...THE TARGET HALLOWEEN SHOP.

Thar she is. I tried my best to get a good, clear panoramic photo but using an iPhone 4s to take photos is downright dreadful. But, be that as it may, the familiar feel is there. The goofy yet trendy looking spider is ready to greet you with the biggest smile and a tip of the hat! The candy, the decorations, the exclusive designs. It's all so comforting.

A quick story: Last year before Halloween, I had severe back issues to the point that I was pretty much paralyzed and couldn't leave my bed for a good two weeks, so I was pretty SOL as far as Halloween festivities go. On October 29th, I had back surgery and out of everything I wanted to do that whole season, Target Halloween was the one thing I knew would bring me the biggest joy. So even though it was clearance time, seeing all these items still made me smile and gave me some comfort(despite being sore as heck). Knowing I could zoom around this section at least once  after my surgery made all the pain worth it.

And that's the point of holidays, isn't it? Comfort. Thinking about holidays of the past and possibilities of the fun in the future  is what makes these holidays so much fun and something to look forward to. While I love other Halloween traditions, this is one I always look forward to. Heck,t he other day, I even skipped a little on my way in(which my girlfriend will sadly vouch for). It's something like a kickoff for the season. And not a bad way to kick it off either. Take a look at some of the shots I took of this years offerings. Note that it's not entirely completed, there's still some clearing out of the back to school stuff.

Some familiar sights. The spider, the baking supplies, the movies the Frankenstein lollipop containers,  but some new stuff as well. I'm downright loving the Day of the Dead theme. Offers some nice, new items that have already made their way into my pantry! It's a nice sight to see and a great way to get hyped for the season! Target ALWAYS puts their best effort out for all the holidays, but to me, Halloween is where they shine the brightest. Being an adult can suck at times but stuff like this, makes us feel that childlike happiness that we've been told to hide once we became adults. But like I said, I had no problem getting a little a spring in my step entering Target the day after Labor Day, knowing what was awaiting me.

So with that said, let the madness begin!


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