Friday Finds May 29 2015: Bride of Frankenstein Water Bottle

Of all the things that I've found in flea marketing, thrifting, yard saling, whatever, this may be one of my favorites. Not just because it's a Universal Monsters item, but because it's so unusual.

Yes, my car is a trash pit. But this makes it look better.

This souvenir water bottle clearly came from Universal Studios during the Universal Monsters merchandising bonanza of the late 90s. At that time, everything was slapped with the Universal Monsters logo or the beautiful kissers of those crazy monsters. They even had Burger King kids meal premiums! But this is no kids meal toy. No sir. This is a piece of merchandising you can either use as a dehydration tool or take the straw out and use it as a statue on your entertainment center. Sculpted to perfection, the Bride strikes a classic pose for the win. They could've gone in any direction. She could've been sculpted in a pose with her arms up, she could've even been poseable. Wouldn't have looked as cool though. Plus, she kinda looks like Frank did something to piss her off. Which, can't be safe for Frankenstein...

Standing at over a foot, this tall bottle is a very welcome piece in my collection. My only issue is that I can't find any information about it from either eBay or Google. Besides a Universal Monsters logo and a time stamp of 1998 on the bottom, there doesn't seem to be any information on this or any other bottles that may have accompanied it. But, hey, I don't mind that. I seem to have found a one of a kind item. Which is another reason this hobby is so much fun!


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