Mail Call From Pop Pop! It's Trash Culture!

So it's been a normal day today. Went to work at for my normal shift on the first day Rochester decided to hit over 80 degrees for the first time since last summer. Which is nice since Rochester winters are the real life equivalent to a normal day on planet Hoth. So it was an exciting day.

But, I'm not as excited for the weather as much as I was to see what arrived at my door step when I got home. A very loving care package from my friend Brian over at PopPop! It's Trash Culture!, a great pop culture blog!

Brian had messaged me before about sending this. But he didn't reveal it's contents. So it drove me wild, as to what it could be. A trophy? A dvd of Stone Cold? A magnet featuring Electra Woman and Dyna Girl? No! It's something better!

GOLD! THERE'S GOLD IN THAT THERE BOX! Holy crap! Comics, toys, pogs and trading cards!!!! Brian and I did a trade last year and he threw in a few extras in our trade based off our mutual interests, so none of his amazing generosity is taken for granted in the least.

Now there's a little smoke and mirrors going on here. I took the photo of the box AFTER I opened the cards, so please don't think Brian just haphazardly throws cards in a box with a bunch of other goodies. Heavens no. So, now that the pyro and ballyhoo are through, let's discover the contents!


I'm a lifelong GI Joe fanatic. Truth. It's one of the most consistent interests I've had in life. To this day, it still makes me happy. But I must confess, I've NEVER seen these before. A smaller, collected edition of a few issues from the Marvel run of the 1980s. It's kinda nice, I can throw it in my bag and read it at work during my break. I may have to chase after more of these!

And speaking of digest sized goodies, a Tales from the Crypt paperback! Collecting a few of the EC Comics stories in word form and utilizing very little pictures, this is something I also have never seen til today. And much like the GI Joe digest, this too can come in handy on boring lunch breaks. Definitely pick more of these up!


Hoo boy! Of course, Brian can't send me package without throwing in trading cards. And this is a beautiful offering of some of my childhood favorites. WWF, Marvel Universe, Dick Tracy, Dinosaurs Attack, TMNT movie and Evil Ernie! I had all these cards and I was stoked to open them all and discover the goodness. Cards don't belong in packs! Open them! So many great cards, I wish I could post each and every one. But the best card, by far, is Twitter favorite and long running joke with...well, just about every blogger on the planet...Virgil.

I just hope Virgil doesn't charge me 10 bucks to post this.


Mmmmm...I love me some comic books and wrestling magazines. So this was one of my favorite parts. Some Married With Children comics, a Thundercats, an X-Men animated adaptian, a WCW and Warrior comic and an AWESOME Dr Giggles comic! Cool! Great rainy day reading is coming my way!

The wrestling magazines are very delightful. A PWI-endorsed "Wrestling Yearbook" from 1999, a pivotal year for wrestling, a Raw Magazine from 2002 featuring a nice little interview with the Nature Boy himself, and a weird off brand, generic magazine entitled "Raw Vs Nitro" neither endorsed or sponsored by WWF or WCW. This magazine followed a "generic wrestling magazine" trend at the time that usually involved terrible quality photos and bad typos. In fact, the best typo is on the cover...

Road Doug? Last I checked his name was Road Dogg Jesse James. Well, technically it's Brian James, but that's neither here nor there. No were does the name "Doug" come into play. In fact, in his career over 20 years, I don't think he's ever had a ring name "Doug".

Typos and all, this may be my new favorite wrestling collectible. It's a reminder of when wrestling was king and everyone was scratching and clawing to get a piece of the industry. Plus, that Road Doug tho.


Now this is a real cake topper. I love goofy and weird pogs. And I love cereal, WWF and comics, so a the pog selection, no doubt handpicked by the Trashman himself, is superb. That Lucky pog will come in handy next time I do a battle. Bring it.

I never get tired of Steel Mutants or California Raisins. I just can't run out of room for these guys on my shelf. EVER. But my favorite piece in this photo is the Gremlins candy topper, which is something I've been after a while now.

Lenny from Gremlins 2 is one of my favorite Gremlins. As dumb as he is, he's just so lovable. His scenes with George are so charming and funny. so to finally get one courtesy of a great friend, definitely puts this package over as one of the greatest gifts ever!

Thanks again, Brian! This is such a nice gift package. I can't thank you enough for this very generous lot!

And as my gift to you, I implore you to visit his page on Facebook, Twitter and his blog page! You never know what wackiness may come out. And not too mention, he's one of the funniest Twitter profiles out there! So follow him!


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