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Note From Chad: I want to apologize for delaying this. October to December has been very trying due to a back injury and surgery following it, so my attention to this blog hasn't been at it's highest ever. I also want to apologize to Jason of IconVsIcon for the delay in posting the last installment of Figures Cinema Forgot. I also want to thank ALL the contributors who assisted in this fun project! All the entries and contributions have been absolutely fantastic!!!!



Action cinema came into its own in the 1980s and made a superstar out of a Bruce Willis. As you know, the film is loaded balls to the walls action and memorable one liners. What kid didn't want to follow in the bloody footsteps of Officer John McClane? I know I did! I often think about how great a Nakatomi Plaza playset could have been. I would hope it would be on a massive scale like the legendary G.I. JOE aircraft carrier. This set would have room for Al Powell and his cop car, a helicopter complete with special agent Johnson and special agent Johnson, no relation.You could open the building up to reveal several usable floors to hide your terrorists (featuring kung-fu grip) and hostages. A working elevator and useable duct work is a must! The major mind blowing feature of the playset would be a button at the bottom of the elevator shaft that would pop off chunks of the building and cue explosion sounds when triggered by your office chair strapped with C4 and a computer monitor! Swing from the roof with your friends or play alone — just make sure you circle the Nakatomi Tower playset in the 1987 Sears Wishbook!



It is hard to find a child of the 80s who doesn't have fond memories of The Monster Squad. Often dismissed as low-rent Goonies style adventure, The Monster Squad is a lot more fun and features the classic Universal Monsters we all love; Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Wolf Man, the Gillman, and the Mummy. I think this underrated film and the classic monsters would have lent themselves well to some amazing plush creations — something in the vein of My Pet Monster perhaps. My Pet Monster was great because it was big, colorful and featured a lot of different textures and would lend themselves well to bringing these icons to life. Wolfman's nards sold separately.


Few movies in my youth scared me the way 'Poltergeist.' Whether it was slightly strange looking blonde haired girl communicating with unseen invaders from the spirit word, the other-worldly charm of Zelda Rubinstein or the Incredible Hulk riding horse back during some type of possession, something about it has always intrigued me. If Steven Spielberg really directed this film, as opposed to Tobe Hooper, how the hell did his pal George Lucas let him drop the ball on creating a line of toys?! How great would it have been to have had some action figures and playsets for the franchise. You could have had hours of fun using a little slider level to make the chair move across the room by itself, being freaked out by a little television set that would turn itself on without rhyme or reason or waste away many an afternoon posing Craig T. Nelson in whacky positions as he battled the forces of evil. The go to item of this toyline would have been the house and swimming pool burial ground playset. It would feature pop up corpses and crazy indian magic… you know, the stuff that every cool suburban neighborhood needs! In addition, it is hard to imagine a little girl who wouldn't want to pal around with their own personal talking Carol Anne doll! That item alone would have buried Kid Sister! In my opinion, 'Poltergeist' is definitely a movie from the past that doesn't get enough love.



As you can tell, what makes a great toy line for me is memorable characters. Few films have as memorable and visually over the top characters as Total Recall. I find it shocking that this Arnold Schwarzenegger classic never got a toy line. Yeah, it was not really for kids but they made a TV series out of 'Rambo.' I am not asking for a three breasted woman, unless you know one, but there is some missed potential here! One idea that instantly spring to mind if vehicular in nature. As you remember, Power Wheels were huge in the 80s and 90s. What would be more fitting for that budding young driver than wrapping wet towel around there head and hopping in the back seat of a Johnny Cab! Buckle up and get your ass to mars!



When it comes to classic flicks from the 80s, The Lost Boys has always had a place in my heart and in my Top 5 horror flicks from that decade. Even to this day there is a serious lack of cool Lost Boys memorabilia! With so many cool locations and fashionable characters in the film, the possibilities are staggering! Using the technology of replaceable faces developed on G.I. JOE's Zartan, they could have easily made a sweet Michael figure. Just think about it! One second he is rocking out at your "I Still Believe" boardwalk concert playset (Yes! The shirtless saxaphone player is included!) and the next minute he is vamping out at Grandpa's house! You could easy tuck the vampire version of his face behind his amazingly feathered hairdo like you did with Zartan's hood! The look and costumes of the cast easily lend themselves to stellar figures. How did they not do this! How sweet would it be to take all your Lost Boys figures down to David's lair, complete with it's totally radical Jim Morrison mural! At the very least, they could have churned out some great Lost Boys related Nerf products! I mean, come on, this was the age of the original Lawn Darts! People were practically getting staked by friends and family members at every BBQ!



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