Remembering Hardees Hideaways

Halloween is such a great time to look back and reminisce on your favorite moments of your youth. I guess that's why holidays truly exist. To come together with friends and family, create new memories and enjoy laughing at moments of yesteryear. I'm ok with this. Because quite frankly, despite having a lot of crap happen to me as a kid, I really did have a great childhood. I can't really complain. And I grew up in a great era too! I mean, the 80s and 90s were a fantastic time for cartoons, toys, comics, movies. I wouldn't trade it for anything! I mean, the memories I have of playing with the toys of my youth with my friends were some great memories. Sadly, as I get older, some of those memories fade away and go forgotten. But thankfully trips to Hardees with my dad and getting some amazing toys from their kids meals is not one of those memories that have faded away.

Back in 1989, Hardees was tops. My family didn't really do a lot of fast food. That was more of a treat for special or rushed occasions. But for some reason, if we did, McDonalds was always the last resort. Hardees, Roy Rogers and Burger King were the spots we'd hit. I can rarely remember heading to McDonalds by the end of the decade. But heading to Hardees with my late father is a memory I have and cherish. And Halloween 1989 Hardees offered these awesome toys called "Hideaways". They were just tiny little stuffed characters that would hide in a trash bag, a bag, a cauldron, or a pumpkin. Yup, just adorable little characters hiding in their plastic homes waiting to scare the daylights out of you. To this day, I still have the ghost coming out of the yellow shopping bag. I can remember clearly getting the bat in the treehouse as well. If I remember properly, my first grade teacher asked us to bring in a tiny something to decorate our desk for Halloween and I brought the bat and ghost. Not a bad choice, huh?

Hardees Hideaways courtesy: The Nostalgia Mama
You can't deny the cuteness of these four. For years up until about 3 years ago, I'd still use these when decorating my mom's house alongside McBoo Pails and other childhood favorites. They still bring a smile to my face. And how could they not! They look like they're enjoying Halloween just as much as we are!

Courtesy of: The Surfing Pizza

Other than the California Raisins, Hardees never really hit the big time with their toy offerings. I'm assuming it's because Hardees wasn't widely available across the country. But in Maryland, Hardees was just as accessible as McDonalds, if not more. The toys were pretty cool considering they were mostly original creations with a licensed property here and there. I gotta say, I'd  In fact I'd gladly put up a California Raisin against a McNugget Buddy in competition. In fact, I may need to pitch that idea to Vince McMahon for a potential steel cage match.

That match can't end well. But it would make a lot of people crave chicken nuggets and raisin biscuits.


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