NOW Is The Time For Ecto Cooler To Return!

 It's been years since we've had a taste of the REAL Ecto Cooler. HI-C discountinued Ecto Cooler around 2000 or so, and since then, it's flavor was given a new name, "Shoutin' Orange TangerGreen" and "Crazy Citrus Cooler". Sadly, it became a disaster to try and find and in 2007, HI-C withdrew the flavor completely.

It's been 7 years since it's complete discontinuation. Try as they might, HI-C wasn't able to silence us forever. We remember the taste of Ecto Cooler, either coming out of a juice box or those giant metal cans that weighed just as much as a bowling ball. The juice itself tasted like a heavenly blend of oranges, a dash of lemonade and a full punch of Slimer's magic touch. The juice was introduced in the late 80s and was only meant to promote the second movie, but it was so delicious that it stuck around a lot longer. And it worked! To this day, there are online petitions, fanmade recipes(both alcoholic and non alcoholic), even people making bottle labels. packs of Ecto Cooler even go for well over 500 dollars on ebay when they(very, very rarely) pop up! It has definitely made an impact on my generation and it's something we never have forgotten. You ask anyone who tasted this lovely concoction, and you'll get the reaction along the lines of "Oh man, I totally remember the taste of that! I wish they would bring it back!". That goes to show you how much we loved it!

Now, Sony announced Ghostbusters will see a theatrical re-release. So, wouldn't this be a perfect time to see Ecto Cooler? You can't deny that it's a huge piece of Ghostbusters history. The legacy of Ecto Cooler has lasted just as long as the movies it represented. I mean, come on! Surely it would be a great idea to release it as a limited run in the theaters that are showing the movie as a special limited time fountain drink option? Or maybe just bring it back to somewhere like Target every Halloween in throwback packaging ala Monsters Cereals throwback boxes last year. I mean, that would satisfy fans and at the same time not wear out its welcome and become overdone while looking forward to it every Halloween.

I'm no business major, I'm just a blogger hoping to see it come back, at least, for a very limited run. I certainly hope Minute Maid who know owns HI-C, will consider bringing this delightful treat back for the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters. It would definitely benefit us who would love nothing more than to have something tasty to drink while watching our childhood heroes take on that mean Stay Puft!



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