Village Gate Toy Show March 2014 Report

Since moving up to Rochester in 2011, I haven't made my way back to huge 3 day conventions as I'd like to. And it still sucks, especially when I realize I don't get to see some of my friends that I've become close to through these conventions. But, thems the breaks, I suppose. On the upside, while old traditions die, new traditions take their place and new memories are made. With that said, my newest and favorite tradition since moving up, has become the Village Gate Toy Show!

Through my friends over at UnderScoopFire, I got introduced to the Rochester geek community pretty quickly. In 2012 I attended my first show and immediately became hooked. Essentially this show is a glorified flea market on two levels with tables and tables as far as the eye can see as well as a sea of people who apparently don't know how to shower. Vendors stocked heavily up on everything from My Little Ponies to vintage He-Man to Star Wars to obscure stuff like James Bond Jr. Yup. Everything you could think, was readily available to take home if the price was right. Today was my 5th show and with every show since 2012, Ive walked out with something on my want list and something I never knew existed. Today was no different. But first...

Yeah. See that image above? It's a eery ginger doll staring at you while a Buffalo 66 poster hangs over a banister. I'm sure the vendor did this on purpose, but I'd like to think the doll climbed up there the night before, hung that poster and then acted like nothing happened. Nothing is scarier than a doll with red hair.

Ok, so to the goods. As I said, every show I've attended, I've had a small list of items I've wanted. And everytime I walk away with them. With a great selection of older toys as well as newer, I'm bound to leave victorious. And boy oh boy...

Thar she blows! A naked Mr T, Anne Lewis from the Robocop and the Ultra Police line, and a flattened Hostess Munster Pack box. All for under 10 bucks. I feel like owning these three items puts me in a class of geekiness all by myself, but that's all me being delusional. Let's inspect each item closer shall we?

So, this is a true story I'm going to tell. I went to a flea market back in Januray and found this exact figure on a worse looking card. What I figured would be an easy 5 buck purchase lead to a very loud and stupid argument with the dealer. The dealer let me know he wouldn't take less than 12 and that he wouldn't want to lose money on his purchase. He then told me it's a worthwhile investment despite the backing card clinging to the bubble with dear life and the figure ready to fall out if someone coughed on it. So that lead to a lot of profanities between the two of us and I left Anne Lewis-less.

Jump to today. The dealer had this figure on card for 5. I offered $3.50 which he gladly accepted. It was meant to be. I'm one step closer to completing my goal of completing a figure collection of the cast of Carrie. Truth is, I've wanted this figure to be signed by Nancy Allen for the longest time and now I have it. Problem is...

That don't look like no Nancy Allen to me...In fact it looks like a generic knockoff GI Joe figure. Again...This is what Nancy Allen looked like in Robocop...

And this is the figure we got...

I understand that Kenner was never that amazing when it came to capturing celebrity likenesses in the 70s to late 80s, but that's just depressing. It's like they didn't try. But they did load her up with chrome paint and a crotch you could pass a coffee can through. For the record though, this IS the only Lewis figure we've seen and until NECA gives us one, it could be the only one we get.

Originally, I had no desire for a naked Mr T figure but the thought of customizing him to be a either a Masters of the Universe figure or even just buy him clothes for his trademarked attire to go along with the rest of the A-Team was tempting. I love customizing and this was a challenge. So, at the urging of my friend and local artist Jes Karakashian, I realized it had to be mine. Any ideas as to what it should be? Sound off!

My favorite item of the lot. I wrote an entry years ago about my love of Hostess' special Halloween offerings known as Scary Cakes. They were such a beautiful special treat. And since Hostess came back, my hopes of Scary Cakes making a return were dashed last year. But, I have hopes they come back. Sadly, I know they won't be back looking like this. See in 1992, Hostess teamed up with Universal and put out these awesome packages featuring the entire Munster family.

I've always loved these Monster Cakes and quite frankly always wanted a flat box. But, I never knew I'd own the Munsters themed variety. The original asking price was a hefty 10 bucks, but the dealer who and known me from pervious dealings and knew of my love of horror, decided to give it to me for 5. Still a lot for a 22 year old box, but I didn't care. Besides, look at the expiration date...

Halloween 1992. Yup. It was meant to be. This expiration date adds to the special nature of owning this. Roll your eyes if you must, but this is a must own item for me. There was no way I was walking out without it. And it comes with a Herman Munster mask! See?

Not only is the mask extremely dated but the packaging also gives a short bio on Herman and his kin. While Grandpa was always my favorite character, I won't let that curb my celebration of owning this prize.

More random stuff like a Hellraiser teddy bear also appeared, but was way out of my price range...Although, who wouldn't want a Pinhead bear like this?

Also available, this box of Batman cereal featuring a rad teen who is no doubt praying the 80s never end. The flash of my camera is disguising his gnarly 80s face. Just imagine Jonathon Brandis acting way too excited over a neon Frisbee. It's practically the same thing.

All in all, it was a good show. The vendors had some good stuff. The show's demographic has gone from collectors to families and everybody who has a passing interest in anything. While passing through the show, it was not out of the ordinary to be trapped between tables as a massive heard slowed traffic. I like the fact that it's growing and hope to see more vendors with more varieties. I can only hope someone brings some Pepsi/Doritos Monster Bash items to the next show. I will push my grandmother out of the way for a Pepsi container with Frankenstein. I'm sure Bobby Heenan would be proud if I did.


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