Finding Freeman: Found? PT. 1

At the beginning of this year, I had some goals that I set for myself. Some reasonable, some not. One of the most unreasonable goals was finding the missing actor Eric Freeman, star of Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2. As I wrote in a previous entry in December in which I vented my frustration after years of theories, searching and finally giving up, I predicted he didn't want to be found due to his privacy and the infamy due to the infamous "Garbage Day" scene and the general goofiness of the film.

Well, since writing that blog entry on my humble, small, no frills blog, I have uncovered information regarding Eric Freeman's current status. Let's begin from the absolute beginning.

For the uninitiated, a simple comment on the Silent Night Deadly Night 2 DVD commentary stating that Eric Freeman couldn't be found. The DVD's release was in 2003, so over the course of the past ten years, so many stories popped up regarding what could have happened. And over the past ten years, I've read every theory, every rumor, every post on IMDB claiming to find the man himself. A lot of them were convincing, but not convincing enough. Some sounded legit, some sounded outrageous. Either way, no matter where I read and whatever sites I visited had holes in the stories. Until I joined a Facebook group called "Finding Freeman", dedicated to finding the elusive actor. After a while, I got the vibe this group was going to be as close as one could get to finding answers. I later found out that the group was moderated by some of Eric's lifelong friends. Some of the posts from the moderators would be in the rather vague and tongue-in-cheek sense. Including current blurry photos of what we were supposed to believe is him. All this turned out to be a big game to the moderators who found it funny to play and joke around. And it kinda was for a short amount of time.

After a while little, tiny bits of information that other members, including the mods themselves, were posted including his current whereabouts, his family members, and the such. All of stuff that if you really wanted to, you could piece together and find him. Well, finally people pieced things together, but came up with the wrong conclusions. Eventually, phone numbers were found but nothing was done with it. So, shortly after more nonsense, March rolls around and I get a very...VERY interesting email that could lead to the end of the mystery...

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