Random WWF Hasbro Review: Sgt. Slaughter

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse, maggot!

So, I've spoken a lot of my love of horror on this blog, but not enough on my love of wrestling. I've been a huge fan of wrestling for almost my whole life. And in that time I've collected a lot of wrestling memorabilia. Especially action figures. And growing up in the early 90s, WWF Hasbro figures were top notch. The Hasbro figures were about 4-5 inches and each figure had a special mechanism. You could make a wrestler punch, jump, bodyslam or whatever. The figures didn't have a lot of movement, but they were pretty bright and colorful as well as cartoony. Many superstars of the day were turned into these little figures and today, I'd like to review one of my favorites...Sgt. Slaughter!

A loose sample

Sgt. Slaughter was one of the most popular wrestlers of his day. And in fact, this may be the best representation, outside his G.I. Joe figures. The sculpting is pretty good. His lower torso was perfectly done with his belt, baggy camo pants and combat boots. Thankfully, his days of being an Iraqi sympathizer was not made into a figure. But if it did, his elf-like Iraqi boots would've no doubt been made. Maybe that would've been the best part. Who knows.

His upper torso is also perfect. Slaughter was never a slim, barrel chester wrestler to begin with. He was pot-bellied and this figure shows it. And I'm kinda happy to see that. Most of his figures before AND after have been slim and muscular. Those figures, while capturing his facial likeness greatly, don't depict his portly mid section. This figure also depicts Sarge with just a black tank top, which he would wrestle in most of his career.

Hasbro would make their WWF figures as basic and simplistic as they could, but at the same time very effective. Slaughter's trademark hat and glasses are present as well which makes this figure extra perfect. Afterall, no one would've bought the figure if he was showing his baldness and his shades were gone. Slaughter was intimidating looking, but not very pretty. Be grateful. Slaughter's pose was also pretty awesome as well. With one finger sticking out, you can almost hear him saying "Now that's an ORRRRRDERRRRR!" as he delivers his "Sgt's Salute". The feature just requires you to lift his arms(not recommended for the real Sgt. Slaughter especially after a match) and he pounds you right in the face with his fists.

The carded figure.

 It really is a great figure. One that fans certainly love. This figure captures his glory days and is a welcome piece in any collection. The sculpting, the pose, the faithful gear and proportions make it a solid 10 in my book. i gladly put Sarge up there with the best Hasbro has to offer.

And don't take my word for it...

"Buy my figure, you maggot!"


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