I'm a huuuuuuuge fan of They Live. I think it's a great movie with great action, fantastic acting, great visuals and special effects, and a strong political statement(event hough I'm not political in the least, it has great points.)So, I received my copy of They Live yesterday. I'm super excited! I've been looking forward to getting this for some time now. So, after getting a little extra cash for Christmas I decided it was time to buy the dvd. And I'm very happy I did.

They Live has been released before but more of a "barebones" release(no special features except commentary and maybe a trailer). But this past November, Scream Factory(subdivision of Shout! Factory) gave us a brand new, special edition of this classic. With commentary, making of featurete, TV Spots, trailer, and a new interview with the director himself, John Carpenter, it's a can't must buy. The transfer is terrific, the artwork(see photo at the top) is amazing and the packaging even has a reversible cover featuring the original poster art! At an average of 15 bucks, it's a real bargain. And for diehard fans, it would look great to get signed by all the cast members and Carpenter at upcoming conventions.

For our first Christmas, my girlfriend Laurie knitted me a John Nada doll(seen above).  It's one of my favorite Knit Terrors dolls she's made for me. And she also knitted a rife!

And here's me with the stars and John Carpenter himself!

Rowdy Roddy Piper

Keith David
Meg Foster

Director John Carpenter


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