Eric Freeman Saga

Here are the archives of the Eric Freeman Saga. From the beginning to the end.

For those who don't know, Eric went missing from the public eye for a very long time and was presumed either dead or missing. But that wasn't the case. Eric's a great guy and I'm very lucky to have gotten to know him. 


Finding Eric Freeman-Part 1

Finding Eric Freeman-Part 2

Finding Eric Freeman-Part 3

Dead Air Podcast Silent Night Deadly Night 2 Fan Commentary

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  1. Hint No l:

    The Bottom of the display is filled with licorice which has to be cleared soon. The easy way to Start clearing the bottom half of the board is to create vertically striped candies.

    Tip No 2:

    In This phase of Candy Crush, the frog will be able to help you in this level to clean the licorice quickly. Make games together with the frog to assist fill up him. After he's full you will have the ability to move him down to the bottom half of this screen. When the frogis triggered he will clean our multiple licorice swirls. Continue to maneuver him round the board and fill him up. Look to place him along with licorice swirls that will help you utilize your moves efficiently.
    Tip No 3:

    Once you have cleared the bottom Half of this board, seem to bring down the components. Take a look around on the screen and make sure you know where the components are falling.

    If the components come onto the board, then be sure that The pillar is free of blockers. Try to activate the special candy mixtures, such as vertical striped candies, in the column where the components are. This can help you to gather the components immediately.

    Candy Crush Frog Tip No 4: Candy Crush Frog