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 Well now this is very exciting! Monzie is making a quiet return! A My Pet Monster dog chew toy!  And even cooler, it’s cartoon accurate! Seems to be found a lot in the UK, but hopefully the US will see these as well. Hopefully this leads to more My Pet Monster stuff being released. Let’s be honest, ANYTHING would be great!  Upon further searching, these seem to be produced in NJ through a company called Gramercy Products, a pet store and product company from Secaucus NJ. They do have a site called NerfDog , licensed by Hasbro, so that’s a good sign. I hope that means we will see them hit other pet stores soon, but if not, don’t think for a second I won’t drive up to The Meadowlands for this.  I will. You watch me do it. BET. Since acquiring the My Pet Monster, Hasbro hasn’t done too much with it. I believe the last item we saw hit stores was a Funko Pop and even an accompanying Funko Mystery Mini a few years ago. But other than that, it seems to have gone forgotten. So while this is a

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