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10 Years Of The Horror Movie BBQ

 Wow…has it been a decade already? This one is gonna be as short and sweet as I can possibly make it. But…it’s me, so I’ll prolly lose focus and ramble awfully quick, 10 years ago today, after a conversation with my friends and fellow bloggers Jordan Garren(The Vault Master behind The BMovie Vault) and John Squires(now of BloodyDisgusting), I rebranded this blog from “Big Chad’s Creature Feature” to “The Horror Movie BBQ”. My goal at the time was simple: I loved blogging and I wanted to run a fun blog. At the time, blogging was still a fresh, big, open world and seemingly full of endless possibilities. A lot of my favorite writers online such as RD Reynolds of Wrestlecrap, Matt formerly of X-entertainment and currently DinosaurDracula and Roger of I-Mockery made this medium seem so fun and all 3 left their own impact on me in their own ways. It was something I wanted to do myself. I had the ideas, the tools and the want-to, I just didn’t have the know-how. But that comes within time an

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