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Umbrella Entertainment’s Release of Masters of the Universe: The Motion Picture

 I’ve covered a lot of Australian bluray label Umbrella Entertainment releases through the years. Mainly Cannon Films releases because in my opinion, no other label puts out a better Cannon disc better than Umbrella. And with that said, I can say the Masters of the Universe release could be my all time favorite. And that’s saying a LOT!!! No I don’t care if I’m biased towards MOTU being one of my all time favorite movies either, this is THE definitive MOTU release us fans have been waiting for! If you’re reading this blog, you already know how much this movie means to me and how I’ve loved since my first viewing in 1987. So I won’t bore you with the story again but I will say my excitement for this disc is at a record breaking high.  For many years, fans in the US have had to settle on barebones releases featuring a trailer and a commentary track from director Gary Goddard. While entertaining and informative as the commentary track can be, it’s always been believed this movie deserves

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