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The Real Ghostbusters Monsters!

  Well Happy Ghostbusters Day, everyone! 40 years of this marvelous and outrageous world we love so much. And what a ride it’s been! I’ve done a lot of blog entries and even a podcast episode about The Real Ghostbusters so I guess at this point it’s hard to find something new to talk about but I’m always looking to try! And I think I found something absolutely perfect to discuss: The Real Ghostbusters Monsters!!! Released in January 1989, this line consists of Kenner’s unofficial depictions of some of the famous Universal Monsters with various action features to frighten our heroes. Cartoony, exciting and a little scary, this wave was a perfect addition to the RGB world. While villains like SamHain and The Boogeyman weren’t released as toys (SamHain would come later in the Extreme Ghostbusters line) there’s part of me that is ok with that because we got these Monsters. I’m sure that’s blasphemy to many fans who are ready to revoke my fan club membership card after saying that but I rea

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