Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Review: Death of Superman


"Based on the acclaimed DC Comics graphic novel comes an epic animated movie showcasing Superman’s greatest battle. An asteroid hurtles through our atmosphere and crashes into the ocean, with it arrives an unstoppable force fueled by uncontrollable rage known only as Doomsday! With innocent lives threatened and Metropolis under attack, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League rally to meet this otherworldly menace. But when the dust settles, only an epic showdown between Superman and Doomsday can decide the fate of Metropolis and ultimately, planet Earth!"


As a huge DC fan and someone who lived through the original release of this story as a young comic book fan, I feel like I have a somewhat an emotional connection. I've never been a big Superman fan,( even though I did a podcast episode about it with my buddy CT of Nerd Lunch which you can listen to here) but the enormity of this entire saga always remained a favorite of mine. How could I not? Superman finally meets his match is something that piqued everyone's interest, whether they read Superman as a child or loved the Richard Donner movies or tied a towel around their neck like a cape and raced around their yard. It captured the entire world's attention and sold huge numbers. It was a smash hit for DC and in my opinion, it has never been matched in terms of a story that feels larger than life.

When this released was announced a lot of fans were hopeful that it would right the wrongs of the 2007 Death of Superman animated movie, which was an abbreviated version of the story and left a lot to be desired. Of course, we as fans received a pretty epic battle in Batman vs. Superman between Doomsday and Superman but that too left a lot of fans wanting more. DC's animated films are usually something that all fans can usually agree on and enjoy. As we got closer to this release, I got the sense we were finally getting the right adaption.

This movie reflects the true nature of what helped make this storyline so good by depicting all the storylines leading up to the infamous battle. Whether it was Doomsday's arrival on Earth and essentially taking out the entire Justice League, to Lois and Clark's relationship issues, and obviously...the fight to the bitter end between Superman and Doomsday, the bases were covered and we were guaranteed a home run.

The voice cast, lead by Jerry O Connell playing Big Blue himself and Rainn Wilson playing his nemesis Lex Luthor, who at this point have become so adapt at playing these roles, it sounds like they were born to play them. In fact, in terms of a Superman/Lex relationship, this could very well be the most accurate we've seen in an animated movie. Rainn depicting Lex may be my favorite choice to play the famous villain since even Clancy Brown in 1997's Superman: The Animated Series.

There's a lot to take in here emotionally with this movie and if you've been hoping for a comic accurate depiction of Superman's last stand, you're in luck. I've gone on record and spoken about my love of 2016's Batman vs. Superman, but after watching this movie, I do see why people were let down by Doomsday's involvement. This movie provided a more violent battle with more dire consequences. Obviously animation and live action are two different mediums but for a purist of the story, I'd say this is the best choice. The animation, writing and cast all come together for a perfect combination of action, love and tragedy which is really made this story so captivating in the first place. If you're into the storytelling and action of this iconic moment in comics history, this is the movie for you. Just be warned, it is not something you can show your kids unless you watch it first and decide so. It's pretty hardcore and intense and could possibly worry them. This is not your average Superman story, but then again that's what you can expect from these more modern and mature depictions of classic DC stories.

Oh and don't forget about the sequel. The Reign of The Supermen will be here before you know it...


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