Monday, May 7, 2018

What I've Been Watching: Umbrella Edition

Society (Umbrella Entertainment) :


Legendary schlock producer Brian Yuzna (Re-animator, Return of the Living Dead), creates a tense and gory work of horrific social satire in his directorial debut. Billy Whitney (Billy Warlock - Baywatch, General Hospital), a model rich kid and prefect at the Beverley Hills Academy who enjoys rubbing oil into his girlfriend around the pool, is inexplicably embroiled in a spiraling web of fear and paranoia, a surreal, psychotic world that is fast becoming a nightmare. His worst fears are realized when he crashes a perverse socialite gathering that turns into a shocking, and sticky, shunting ritual. The sick and disturbing finale was made possible through ultra-special effects by Screaming Mad George! After 4 minutes were censored for its American release, Society is now presented totally uncut and uncensored, including full restoration of the infamous orgy scene.


Society is, hands down, one of the most bizarre and twisted movies I've ever seen. It's been a favorite of mine since I first discovered it in high school and since then, multiple releases have hit the home media market. Every release has had strengths and weaknesses. This Umbrella release focuses on more of the movie than extras. Admittedly, if you prefer to buy a disc loaded with extras, there are other options, but quite frankly if you're looking for a release that's not overloaded, this is a great option.

Society is one of those movies you really need to see at least once in your life. The team of Bryan Yuzna and Screaming Mad George help tell a twisted story (that helped somewhat inspire Get Out) with a message about the upper class society of this world that can be perceived as a warning to our modern day world. Yuzna certain has a different look at what qualifies as horror when it comes to a movie such as this but delivers it's message of society eating it's young very well. The imagery helps drives the message home as well. Screaming Mad George, the f/x wizard on this picture, has helped create some of the most memorable and revolting creations you'll ever see. If you've never seen it, pick this up today. It's certainly something you'll never forget.

Just when you thought that you’d seen every pulse-pounding, blood-drenched, flesh-filled scrap of trailer trash comes this third stupefying serving of mind-numbing, skull-splitting retro movie madness!
Bulging with over 6 hours of non-stop sex, violence, vehicle destruction and cockamamie cosmic carnage - DRIVE-IN DELIRIUM: THE NEW BATCH is a rip-roaring, off-road, high-def ruckus that proudly programs your Blu-ray player to DETONATE!

Extra Features



Once again, Umbrella holds nothing back with their Drive In Delirium release. An endless collection of amazing trailers of movies you love, you may have forgotten, and some you never knew existed. I'm a huge fan of these sets and always look forward to putting the trailers on for a horror movie marathon filler or just when I need something to play while I do chores. Drive In Delirium is certainly one of Umbrella's best offerings and if you've wanted to see these gems in great quality, here's your chance. And may I suggest picking one of these up for your Halloween party? Sure, Haunted House music is a great idea, but having these play on the tv in the background will be a different great conversation starter for your friends.


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