Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Review: Umbrella Entertainment's February Releases

A little late,  but don't let that stop you from ordering these great Umbrella titles! A really fun (and different) variety hit shelves last month!


Film synopsis

After a humiliating modelling incident, Cora (Debby Ryan) books a one-way ticket out of New York, final destination: Australia. Expecting a five-star holiday with her Aunt Margot, Cora realises all too late that her idyllic beachside retreat has no internet access and is miles from the nearest city. Cora feels trapped, but as time goes by, friendships bloom and romance sparks between her and handsome Tom. And when the community realises Cora’s hidden talent as a fashion designer, they rope her into creating the outfits for the big Surf Festival.

Thoughts: I grew up near the beach in Maryland, so naturally, anything that reminds me of the beach is something I'll dive into. And any kind of surf movie, I'm totally into. So when I heard Umbrella was putting out a surf movie starring Debby Ryan, I kinda had to go all in. And of course being a fan of silly teen movies, it was an easy sell.

This movie has the feel of a Disney movie done in Australia which is pretty fun, considering how huge surfing culture is in the land down under. There's not as many American surf movies anymore, I feel like that trend kinda died off in the 80s and 90s once skatebaording and BMX movies came into the arena and took over but every once in a while we'll see one pop up. Glad to see that this got a fun release and that it's making a...splash...on Netflix as well!

Synopsis:A champagne tycoon's (Furneaux) partner (Ronet) suspects his partner's gigolo husband (Perkins) of murders he's been framed for.

Thoughts: Anytime I can find Anthony Perkins movies that I've never heard of before, I'm a happy boy. For someone so charismatic and so talented, he's only remembered as Norman Bates. With so many other great and maybe even forgotten roles. In this French thriller, Perkins really shines through and really makes this his own movie. 

Synopsis:  Run Chrissie Run is a thriiling game of cat and mouse. Chrissie (Annie Jones) and her mother Eve (Carmen Duncan) suddenly become the pray of a group of international terrorists. As they run for their lives, Chrissie learns the terrible secrets of her mother's past and the shocking identity of her real father.

Thoughts: Since becoming a fan of Umbrella, I've fallen head over heels with the world of Ozploitation. The he grungy nature of the stories, the action, the raw sexuality and violence. These movies are absolutely incredible and Run Chrissie Run is just another great selection. I feel like had I discovered a movie like this on vhs, it would've become a fast favorite. Glad to see Umbrella is putting out the effort to restore movies such as this and introduce a brand new audience (even continents away!) to this great genre of movies!

You can pick these up and so many more great movies over at Umbrella Entertainment .