Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Review: Batman Sub-Zero

Synopsis: Batman faces his coolest case ever when Mr. Freeze returns to Gotham City and kidnaps Batgirl. While unraveling the mystery of Batgirl's disappearance, Batman and Robin discover that she is part of Mr. Freeze's frigid plan to save his dying wife - no matter what the cost.With time running out, Batman and Robin must find Gotham's most cold-blooded villain and prevent him from putting Batgirl "on ice" forever.

Review:  First off, I'm a huge Batgirl fan. Second, I'm a huge Mr. Freeze fan. So when this was announced in 1997, I was pretty happy. When I saw it, I was overjoyed. The Batman animated series, at that time, was in a transition phase going from Fox Kids to WB Kids! and in that time, a lot changed including character designs but the characteristics and themes in the series stayed the same.

This movie became the definitive chapter in Mr. Freeze's story and this bluray tells the entire story and actually presents him as the sympathetic, misunderstood character he is. Villain? It's kinda hard to classify him as one after his plunge into insanity after losing his wife. Now, of course, trying to abduct and murder the commissioners daughter and one of Gotham's greatest crimefighter would prove that theory wrong, but a movie like this will make you think he is more than just a cold-hearted villain. It delves more into his characteristics and backstory than ever before in any medium.

Now if you're a huge fan of Mr. Freeze, such as myself, you'll be happy to know that not just the movie is included but extra episodes from previous series, giving a fan the complete Mr. Freeze saga.

Bonus Features:
-Episodes: "Heart of Ice," "Deep Freeze," "Cold Comfort" and "Meltdown."
-Art of Batman: Music Montage;
-Get the Picture: How to Draw Batman
-Theatrical Trailer

If you're a Batman fan of any kind, I highly suggest you pick this up. This is definitely a fantastic to your collection, especially considering the bonus episodes add to the Mr. Freeze story. A lot of great Batman movies are being released this year as well as the highly anticipated bluray debut Batman: The Animated Series, to be released later in the year. For now, though, this will whet your appetite.


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