Thursday, November 9, 2017

Umbrella Entertainment's October Releases

Well, folks, I'm a little behind on blogging. But with my wedding taking up all my free time last month, I'm sure my absence was more than excusable. But thankfully, I'm back! In the past month, I've received tons of fun screeners from my friends down under at Umbrella Entertainment, who has become my favorite movie distributor in the world, and it's time to sit down and check them all out!


I previously reviewed the Warner Brother release of this great anthology, an almost EC Comics movie mixed the King's irreverent style and one of my main issues was that it was a bare bones release. No extras for this classic? Come on! Thankfully Umbrella picked up the pieces and put out their own release and save the day. An interview with Robert Hays and Teresa Ann Miller, the animal trainer on set, provided some fun insight to the making and impact of this movie. A trailer is also included as a bonus feature as well.

The transfer and sound are pretty good too but let's talk about these great covers. One of the many things that sets Umbrella apart from it's American counterparts is absolutely insane covers. For Cat's Eye, we get more a worn out book cover look, which actually adds to the allure of this great release. Don't get me wrong, I love when companies use the original artwork for their blurays but done the right way, I can totally get into alternative artwork. Definitely a must own if you're a Stephen King fanatic who has to have every release. I'd actually put this over the American release as well.

Oh and if you thought this was the only Stephen King classic coming from our pals in Austraila, guess again. Umbrella is loading up the gun and shooting out what is to be a very coveted title in January...

Yup. SILVER BULLET. That is a must own. And that cover is just as sweet as Cat's Eye. Just don't put those blurays too close, they may fight like cats and dogs.

Yes I know it's a bad joke, but screw it, I went for it!


Speaking of awesome alternative covers, Umbrella also wanted to make their release of Rob Zombie's cult favorite, The Devil's Rejects stand out with a sweet comic book-looking cover. I dig the original poster, but this one definitely looks better on the shelf.

Umbrella recently released their own edition of House of 1000 Corpses earlier this year, so a lot of people, myself included, naturally thought that a Devils Rejects would follow shortly thereafter. Porting over some extras from the US release, I'm glad to finally see this receive the bluray release it truly deserves. For a movie that looks great on dvd, it looks even better on bluray.

Extra's Include:

  • Bloody Stand-up (02:17)
  • Matthew McGrory Tribute (01:59)
  • Buck Owens: Satan's Got to Get Along Without Me (01:52)
  • "Mary the Monkey Girl" Commercial (00:59)
  • Captain Spaulding's Xmas Commercial (00:56)
  • Otis' Home Movies (00:51)
  • Deleted Scenes- Swamp Escape (0:50 sec) 
  • Family Argument (0:25 sec) 
  • Keep Your Cool (0:25 sec) 
  • Dr. Satan Attacks (1:51 min) 
  • Snake Bite (0:31 sec) 
  • French Tickler (0:47 sec) 
  • Pork Rind (0:44 sec) 
  • Marshmallow Ass (1:37 min) 
  • Keep Your Mouth Shut (0:48 sec) 
  • Otis And Candy Make Funky Music (3:40 min) 
  • Personal Escort Into Hell (1:46 min)
  • Blooper Reel (05:22)
  • Make-up Test (13:09)
  • The Morris Green Show (13:19)


 I'm a huge animation buff, so when I heard that Umbrella was releasing Fantastic Plant, I nearly exploded through my roof. The French animated classic is one of the most gorgeous animated movie's you'll ever lock eyes onto. The story of giant, alien creatures who keep humans as pets, borders on the line of creepy at times but captivates you the entire time. This movie has been often likened to Planet of the Apes and I certainly see the similarities but this masterpiece certainly stands on it's own. I'm sure in any other form of film, specifically live action, this movie wouldn't be as effective. It's outstanding animation and unique storytelling separates it from just about any other animated scifi film. A warning though, the movie is done in French with English subtitles, so if you're expecting dubbing, you're landing on the wrong planet!


 One of the GREATEST entertainment documentaries to date, Not Quite Hollywood tells the amazing and entertaining story of Ozploitation films. Mark Hartley, director, would go on to also tell the great story of Cannon Films in Electric Booglaoo (also released, with Machete Maidens, by Umbrella earlier this year, which I also reviewed). This documentary was something I was excited for, as I had only watched it partially but never finished it. Boy, am I glad I got a hold of this, because this really told the story of not just Austrailia's great film history but also the culture down under, that maybe we don't know about. Some great stories by some of your favorite directors, actors and writers including Quentin Tarantino, Dennis Hopper, the scream queen herself, Jaime Lee Curtis and so many more! I loved hearing so many great stories and memories and that's what makes this such an incredible doc. Mark Hartley taught me a lot and I'm extremely grateful for this.

Now, you're thinking to yourself, how can this bluray get any better? Well, surprise surprise, Umbrella does it again by delivering 9 HOURS OF EXTRAS. Don't believe me? Fine, check them out for yourself!

  • Audio commentary from Ozploitation auteurs.
  • Deleted and extended scenes.

  • The lost interview: Chris Lofven.

  • A word with Bob Ellis.

  • Quentin Tarantino and Brian Trenchard-Smith interview.

  • MIFF Ozploitation panel.

  • MIFF red carpet footage.

  • Behind the scenes footage from the crew.

  • UK interview with director Mark Hartley.


  • THE MONTHLY conversation.

  • THE BUSINESS interview.

  • Extended Ozploitation trailer reel.


  • Richard Franklin on-set interview.

  • Terry Bourke’s NOON SUNDAY reel.

  • BARRY McKENZIE: OGRE OR OCKER documentary.

  • INSIDE ALVIN PURPLE documentary.

  • TO SHOOT A MAD DOG documentary.

  • Ozploitation stills and poster gallery.

  • NQH production gallery.

  • NQH pitch promos.

  • Original theatrical trailer.

You're essentially getting a THE history book on Ozploitation in the form of a bluray. This is perhaps Umbrella's greatest releases to date. I cannot tell you how great these extras are. I'm a big fan of entertainment history and to disregard this one, fan of Ozploitation or not, would be absolutely foolish.I had a lot of fun learning about a genre of movie I had only dipped my toes in but now, I'm finding it my duty to watch as much insane Ozploitation as I can.

With all these amazing releases and extras, it's no wonder why I continue to fall in love with Umbrella Entertainment. They think outside the box with their discs, covers and extras. If you're a fan of this company, no matter what country you live in, you owe it to yourself to follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. They truly do not lie when they say "We Love Film".

Oh...I almost forgot...Umbrella sent me another movie that I am dying to review. But that's gonna wait for it's own review...



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