Thursday, December 22, 2016

What I've Been Watching: End of the Year edition

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DRILLER KILLER (By Arrow Video):

Confession: I watched this for the first time just a couple of years ago and found it extremely boring. There's nothing that really popped out as memorable and entertaining. I just sat there and kinda burned through it. Of course, part of the issue was that it was a part of one of those bargain sets, so the quality was downright atrocious and the picture looked foggy. 

But thanks to Arrow, I was able to finally enjoy it. I was definitely invested in it more now than I was before. The presentation made the difference. I wasn't blown away by the mood of the movie, it still seemed boring at times but the clear picture definitely helped.  If there's one thing I can usually rely on Arrow for, it's them making me enjoy movies I didn't before due to their production. The movie is a lot more watchable thanks to this release and as a slasher fanatic, I finally see why so many people have love for this. Definitely gets a good recommendation from me.

Body Melt (By Umbrella Entertainment):

Body Melt is one of those movies I've simply just heard of but never actually seen but when I found out it was being released on bluray from Umbrella, I jumped at the opportunity to check it out. And I'm glad I did. This movie, much like Peter Jackson's Dead Alive, this is a very gory movie mixed with a lot of silly humor.  So, pretty much the Australian equivalent to a Troma movie.

The story and cast are secondary to the gore. I know that'll piss a lot of people off but I'm sorry, the fantastic practical effects are truly the star. And if you need further convincing, take a look at this gore-tastic clip:

If you're a fan of gory movies, this is a must own. Can't recommend it enough!

Constantine (Warner Archive):

As a huge fan of DC's Vertigo imprint, I was very pleased to hear John Constantine was getting his own series. Afterall, that Keanu Reeves movie just left a bad taste in fans mouths, so this was no doubt going to make up for it. But, if there's a better time for a Hellblazer series, it's now. DC tv shows are hot, horror tv is hot, so why not take on of the best comics that combine both and make it into a tv show?

Well, the biggest issue was it was being aired on NBC.


Yes. NBC. A comic book series, that should've been aired on CW. NBC has a tendency to not have a lot of faith in shows like this, so there was very little hope for this show at first. Much like Supergirl, the show is fantastic and really captures the essence of the characters and mood of the comic but the network was wrong. Had Constantine been on CW, it still would be on. And maybe I'm being selfish, but had it continued I could imagine we would've seen Swamp Thing. Because who doesn't need more Swamp Thing?

Matt Ryan plays Constantine perfectly as he comes to terms with his powers as a demon hunter/supernatural detective. In the comics, John is very arrogant and Matt plays that to a T. While the show has ended, I certainly hope DC and WB considers using him as Constantine in future projects. I do know that he will be appearing in the upcoming Justice League Dark animated feature, which I am super excited to see.

This, hands down gets my highest recommendation.

 Suicide Squad (Warner Brothers):

Oh boy, did this cause a lot of controversy this past summer. If you're a fan of DC, as I am, you're always excited for new characters to appear in movies. For a very long time, fans were clamoring for the first live action appearance of Harley Quinn, who no doubt brought a lot of fans in to this. But then it was announced that Jared Leto would play the Joker. Then it started to get out of control. People hated the casting choice and his look. Which to me just made going into this more fun.

The the first trailer arrived. A lot of fans were now a bit happier with what they got. Including me, it looked like fun.

I must confess though, I saw it opening day and felt it was ok. I didn't think it was anything amazing but I certainly think it was terrible.  I loved the characters, I loved the silly, carefree nature. I thought Will Smith was fantastic, Margot Robbie was terrific as Harley. Captain Boomerang and Katana were my favorite characters, and of course Viola Davis nailed playing the tough, bad-ass Amanda Waller. So the cast was great, but the story felt a little flat to me.

Here's where I may get hate mail: I loved Jared Leto as the Joker. I thought he slipped into that role perfectly. Jared seems to be a strange guy so it makes all the sense in the world for him to be cast. He played the Joker more of a straight psychotic thug more than anyone has played him before. In fact if you want the best of his performance, check out the scene where he meets up with Common's character and disposes of him in typical Joker fashion.

So was the extended version better? Yes, but there aren't too many scenes that got added. But the scenes added made a difference. There's very subtle but still noticeable differences that make it enjoyable. Very recommended.

Mad Max Fury Road Black and Chrome Edition (Warner Brothers):

My personal favorite. After I saw Mad Max Fury Road in the theatre, I proclaimed on my Facebook account that it was the biggest and best movie of the past 25 years. I'm sure it was just my adrenaline still pumping but I stood by it. It was a raw, in your face, nonstop action ride the likes I haven't seen in quite sometime.

And then the Black and Chrome edition came out...

The movie is extremely visual and very detailed to begin with. The scenery is just as much important to the storytelling of the movie as the characters. So to take the color out and put a black and white filter over it and it makes it even more so engaging. The movie pulls you in even more then it did when it was in color. From the look of just the sand on the ground to the vehicles themselves and the famous guitar player, Doof Warrior, all look that much more captivating.

Of every movie I've reviewed, this may be my favorite. I can't rant and rave enough about how great this release is. Definitely pick it up!

That's all for now, I certainly hope you enjoy these releases!


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