Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ranking The New Stephen King BluRay

A very Happy Birthday to the Master of Horror himself, Mr. Stephen King! For a lot of people, Mr. King is the reason they're into horror and indeed, if it wasn't for watching Creepshow at an early age, I wouldn't be talking to you.

In their own way of celebrating, our friends at Warner Brothers have released a set of three of Stephen King's most famous movies on bluray, in what seems to be Best Buy Exclusives.

The goods, as seen above, are certainly great collectors items and for King completists, they are must owns. Now, I must confess, I've only really seen IT and Cat's Eye. I've never seen Salem's Lot so that provided me an advantage in viewing this on bluray. In crystal clear, hi-def with great sound, this would certainly be the right way to see it. Warner Brothers certainly knows how to make old releases feel new again with their transfers and using the original poster/vhs art, which is a nice comfort. Not that I mind new art but sometimes that art just isn't up to snuff. So I was excited to dig in. But was I fan of all of them? Let's find out:

First up, Salem's Lot. I've heard a lot of King fans profess their love of this and it really made me hopeful. Being a fan of King, I knew I would at least be in for some fun scares and good humor mixed. On top of that, I was expecting great characters in precarious situations. Well, to be quite honest, I didn't get that. I felt like none of the characters were all paper thin and 100% unlikable. I found the story even more unlikable and boring and just made for a very dull movie. That said, I can full respect the effort on producers to make it as close to the book as possible, so in those terms, I can totally see why fans like this. But in my personal opinion(by no means fact), this was just one King movie I couldn't get into.

Next movie is the 1990 made for tv miniseries, IT. The story of Pennywise the murderous clown also deemed "IT" by a local group of friends "The Losers Club", brought to life by the amazing Tim Curry. Now, of course, it's hard to follow up Tim Curry as a villain but the rest of the cast including the late-great John Ritter, Harry Anderson, Tim Reid, Olivia Hussey and more. A great cast, a great story, great directing by Tommy Lee Wallace. Now, as with Salem's Lot, the effort to make it as close to the book, both story and length, are there so it makes sense as to why it was broken up into two movies. But for a fan like me, it gets a little on the long side and gets a bit dull. That's no fault of the cast and crew, it's just that Part 1 is so well done and leads to a very big build up in the end. Part 2 doesn't deliver on that and just gets super long and drawn out with a predictable ending. I'd rank this higher than Salem's Lot in terms of entertainment and scares.

Cat's Eye rounds out the trio and in my opinion is the best of the lot. I'm a sucker for anthologies and will sit down and watch as many as I can. As previously mentioned before, without Creepshow, I wouldn't be a fan, so when I discovered this movie back in the early 2000's, I was excited. "Another Stephen King anthology? sign me up.". Now, albeit not every anthology film is flawless and has perfect stories. This focuses on a stray cat that travels through multiple scenarios and stories in order to get to a young girl(played by Drew Barrymore) to save her from doom. The cast is great, again, a constant in most if not all of King's adaptations, the stories are entertaining and the writing has as much humor as it does EC Comics-like ironic punishments. You can definitely see EC's influence on King and all his work. This may not be the most famous or even favorite of King fans, but of the three, it's certainly my favorite.

So there you have it! Warner Brother's offers you three blurays to add to your horror movie/King collection. Quite frankly, while I may not be the biggest fan of Salem's Lot, I must confess, I certainly hope fans rush out and buy it just so we can get more King movies  released! They all definitely have their place on every fan's shelf!

So a happy birthday to that lunkhead, Jordy Verril himself, the master of horror, the King of Fright, Mr. Stephen King!


PS-For some extra King goodness, check out this fun commercial he did for American Express!

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  1. I loved all 3 of these movies, when I first watched them. Salem's Lot was one of the first horror movies I "caught" my parents watching, I remember walking in a very specific point and being scared spitless, a few years later I was able to watch the entire thing and while it wasn't all as scary as the clip I saw I remember enjoying it. Cats Eye was one I caught on HBO and must have watched a million times, and we made my poor sister watch it after she got a parakeet, I am a sucker for King's anthologies in print or on screen. IT was probably one of the first films I can remember having antici.............. pation for, I had read the my mother's copy of the book under covers over the course of a summer and was mesmerized and remember thinking I can't wait for this to be made into a movie, I remember feeling a bit let down but only because some of the f/x in my head would never match what hollywood could do. I'll definitely be looking at these to add to my collection!