Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Review: Justice League vs Teen Titans

No matter how you may feel about Dawn of Justice, you have to admit that the DC Animated Universe is impossible to top at this point. The animation team at Warner Brothers is definitely the number one source for comic book cartoons.

And no, that's not any slight to Marvel/Disney, Image, Valiant, Archie or anyone else who may be in the game, but based off reputation and fan response, it's hard to argue this fact. Note: Valiant and Image are not in the game, but ya know...had to mention them.

So today, DC unleashes their newest release. A real dandy if you will. Justice League vs Teen Titans. As a comic fan, we've seen teases in other universes and adaptations but this may be the best take on it (although Devin Grayson's "JLA/Titans: The Technis Imperative" was pretty darn good too). Sure you've seen them team up before, but we haven't seen them fight each other a lot. And if you've ever wanted to see how well the Teen Titans can stand up to their older counterparts, here ya go!

The story of the rebellious and arrogant Robin continues from previous films. Tired of his attitude, Batman enlists him in the Teen Titans to make him a little bit more humble and fight along side a team more his own age. Meanwhile, during a battle, the Justice League are overtaken by the unstoppable demon Trigon, the father of Teen Titan's Raven which leads to a possessed Justice League taking on the Titans. Can Trigon be stopped?

As always, the anime-like animation is superb and the voice acting is tremendous. But there's a lot int his story that's done so well. The furthering of Robin's hard style and thirst for justice is what this character needed. He honestly borders that anti-hero so well, that I'm convinced he does it better than Batman himself.

His relationship with the Justice League as well as the Teen Titans are something fun to watch as well. Be aware, this won't be the same Teen Titans on Cartoon Network. It's kinda closer to the old WB show that was a little less lighthearted and juvenile. It seems like they're setting them up to be the "coming of age" Titans that George Perez and Marv Wolfman introduced us to in the 80s. I'm hoping we get to see more of these Titans in future films.

Also, we get an extended look on the upcoming release of the film based on the famed Batman: The Killing Joke story.And if you thought the previous releases were heavy, this one will be even more intense!

A solid 10/10. A must own for any and all DC fanatics.


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