Monday, February 15, 2016

What I've Been Watching Volume 3

Got some neat movies in the mail recently! What are they? Well, read on!


Starring Michael Keaton and Geena Davis as two speech writers for opposing politicians who happen to hook up shortly before a big election. Also starring Christopher Reeve, Ernie Hudson and Bonnie Bedelia, this movie has some charm based off Michael Keaton essentially being...well...Michael Keaton.

 It's kind of a generic mid 90s comedy but if you're a huge Michael Keaton fan like me, it's a must own. There's really no chemistry between Michael Keaton and Geena Davis on screen. I feel like Davis' role could've been played by anyone because as talented as she is, there could've been a lot more comedy on her part but there wasn't. But like I said, you can always depend on Michael Keaton to deliver the goods. And he does in this despite the movie being a bit of a bore at times. Added bonus: watching Michael Keaton and Christopher Reeve interact. For DC Comics geeks like myself, it's like an early meeting of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent!

Do I suggest it? I do. I think especially with the presidential election coming up, it wouldn't be the worst thing to pop in!


In the 80s, hip hop was written off as a mere fad. A lot of people never truly believed it would last long and would be forgotten after a while. Well, obviously that was not the case. Movies like Beat Street, Rappin', and Wild Style helped hip hop garner mainstream attention to this so called "Fad".

The plot itself is pretty basic. Two kids from the Bronx strive to hit it big in the world of hip hop. One's a show promoter and the other is a DJ. With unlimited potential, the sky is limit.

Ok, now it's a good movie but I really think that it's a little dated. Only because I never saw it earlier in life like I did Krush Groove or Breakin'. I have to assume there are fans out there that are excited for this. While it seems dated at times, the soundtrack is where it really shines, in my opinion. Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Moe Dee, The Treacherous Three, Grandmaster Melle Mel are just some of the performances you'll see. My personal favorite? The Santa Rap!

If that's not reason alone to pick this up, I don't know what is!


Ok, I don't like Ethan Hawke as an actor. Like, at all. I just can't say I ever enjoyed him. That said, I was willing to give this movie a chance and I'm very happy I did.

Ethan Hawke plays a young and nervous teen, Tom, who, with the assistance of his more smooth and charismatic older brother, has a blind date with the pretty girl up the street. By borrowing his car and credit card, Tom gets wrapped up in an evening of mistaken identity. This movie actually contains a lot of humor and funny bits including Fisher Stevens as an obnoxious flower delivery man with terrible luck. If you've ever wanted to see Fisher Stevens abused, this is the movie you've been waiting for!

Now, as far as Ethan Hawke goes, I was actually entertained by him. Yes. That's right. I said it. He plays the nervous, uncomfortable in his own skin-type very well in this. He plays it as if that's really him and I don't know him personally, so he's either really really great at acting and I've been wrong or it's not acting. I'm gonna go for the positive road and go with the first option.

This movie was released in 1991 but doesn't feel like a dated movie. The style of comedy and pacing makes it feel like it could've been released in the past decade or so. The humor is very dry but still silly at times. Very highly recommended!

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