Monday, February 1, 2016

Review: Batman: Bad Blood

I know what you're thinking. "Another Batman animated movie? Really??". Fair enough. DC Comics/Warner Brothers cranks these out so frequently that, at times, it could be hard ot catch up. But now more than ever, it's a good time to catch up.

Batman: Bad Blood, which will be released tomorrow(2/2/16) revolves around constant conflicts throughout the entire "Bat-family" whether it's Dick Grayson's constant craving to step outside of Batman's shadow, Damian Wayne struggles with his , and Kate Kane struggles with being accepted into the Bat Family. That seems to be the underlining theme. The other storyline of Batman being captured by Talia Ah Ghul, seems secondary to this, as it takes the entire Bat-Family to come together as a solid crimefighting unit to rescue him. There's a lot going on, character wise, but it's still a fun watch.

Now, if you're looking for a Batman movie to show your kids, this may not be the one to show them. It's a little darker, more in the tone of the live action movies. The fight scenes and violence may be a little much. That said, the fight scenes are definitely a highlight of this movie, much like most of the DC Comics movies, animated or live action. The fact that animation is limitless in nature makes these fight sequences that much better. The director, Jay Olivia, admits to watching many many movies and fighting styles(such as MMA) for inspiration for these fights. The days of Batman just punching and kicking are behind us, so it makes perfect sense to see Batman and all the characters use all these different techniques and abilities that we've never seen before.

The voice cast is fantastic. I'm a firm believer that Kevin Conroy(voice of Batman from the 90s animated series) doesn't always need to play Batman. It doesn't hurt but it's not always necessary. Jason O'Mara does a very admirable job playing Batman in this, as does supermodel Yvonne Strahvoski who makes the Batwoman character her own. The MVP of the movie goes to Stuart Allen, who plays Damian Wayne/Robin. He plays it very aggressive and very serious, which when it comes to Robin, isn't always the case.Be on a lookout for Ernie Hudson as Lucious Fox. That's right, Winston in a Batman movie!

The extra features include trailers, sneak peaks and two episodes of Batman: Brave and the Bold(maybe something more appropriate for the younger crowd but still entertaining for all ages). Story is a fun one, despite having a lot going on, but if you're a comic book fan in any way, this is definitely another one to put on your shelf. If you're looking to pick it up, head to Warner Brothers site for more options! I highly recommend picking this up!


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